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Detonation Technology – Carbon Fiber Sickle Stick

We got to check out the new carbon fiber version of Detonation Technology’s Sickle Stick earlier this month at Marine South.

In addition to the folding sickle blade, other tool heads can be attached to the stick.  It is most often used to drag across the ground feeling for disturbances associated with digging.  The collapsible pole stores at 2’6″ and extends to almost 14′.  Obviously, the carbon fiber is both light and strong allowing the user to use it to comfortably probe the ground or get a line attached on an object.



5 Responses to “Detonation Technology – Carbon Fiber Sickle Stick”

  1. Tech says:

    a bang stick that is light AND small AND easy to employ? it must be expensive, but if we had them people would probably start using them more often again, and that would be a good thing.

    detonation technology makes a solid grapnel hook, and with this coming out, I’m interested to see what other capabilities gaps they’re addressing with their product development.

    • Jon says:

      +1. (And it would have to be incorporated into the current ABC kits by Techdiv if 20th won’t let you buy off the shelf…which they were weaning when I got out last year).

    • Lawrence says:


      Glad you like it and the grapple. We’re working our way down the “Things I Wanted On Deployment” list. If there’s something you’d like to see built let us know, we’ll bump it to the top of the list.

      • Tech says:

        honestly, if there was anything at the top of my list, it would be a gated hook knife (which you already make), but one that uses a commercially available razor blade from a hardware store. that would be pretty freaking epic.

        I have one of the grapnel hooks and I think its awesome; most of the alternatives available are either foldable but only have two tines, meaning that if you throw them it probably won’t effectively drag and snag, or require assembly, which I’m not going to deal with in the dark.

  2. Ali.A says:

    do you know what shoes he is wearing on the photo ? look like merrell MOAB but i had old one that is different.