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Point6 2016 Tactical Catalog

Almost everyday, for the past 15 years I have worn wool socks. In particular, they’re made from Merino wool, coveted for its comfort and durability. It doesn’t matter if I’m in 10 degrees or 100, it’s wool socks for me. Over the past six or seven of those years, I’ve been wearing Point6 so when I got their catalog, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.


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Check out the Point6 2016 Tactical Catalog, which features their entire line of tactical merino wool socks.


11 Responses to “Point6 2016 Tactical Catalog”

  1. historia says:

    SSD thanks for the share, put my finger through a hole in my 6 year + Smart Wool PhDs this morning. Time to replace, do you have recommended vendor for the military point 6 socks?

  2. JS says:

    I was going to buy a pair for my son in the army, but previously he said he had to have green. I don’t see a green in the catalog. Did he get bad / out of date info, or do they not want to sell to regular army? (He was fresh out of Basic/AIT, so I’m hoping it was bad info).

  3. Gear Guy says:

    I wear Point6 socks pretty much daily in all temps and they are awesome. I have also worn Darn Tough and Smart Wool, but keep coming back to the Point6’s. A big thanks to the ever elusive Vince for introducing me to them 7 or 8 years ago.

  4. LowSpeed says:

    I pretty much only wear thick merino wool socks all year round in all but my running shoes so I’d love to check these out at their price. I think I spend more on socks than I do boots at times haha. I like something that cushions from toe to heel to shin, something that doesn’t get smelly and doesn’t retain moisture for long. These seem to fit the bill.

  5. Point6 says:

    Hi! Thank you all for your interest and support! We are working on offering our tactical line on our website, however for now please feel free to place an order by calling us (970-871-1055) or e-mailing [email protected]. Anyone looking to place an order for their unit, our GSA number is GS-03F-082DA. Thanks!