Orca Gear – MOLLE Wraps For Your Cooler

Made from 600D Cordura, the MOLLE Wrap, offers a PALS field to the outside of their coolers.

Offered for use with their 26, 40 and 58 quart models, colors Desert Green and CRP.


11 Responses to “Orca Gear – MOLLE Wraps For Your Cooler”

  1. Jackson says:

    Now if someone will only manufacture tactical ice!

  2. STEPAN1983 says:

    This webbing looks like cheap Multicam counterfeit.

    • Lasse says:

      Nah it’s MultiScam

      • straps says:

        “Genuine” printed Texcel webbing has “MULTICAM” printed every few inches. Also, it has gradients, which the stuff above does not. This is knockoff, slightly better than the crap the US Army was using for a while (but probably shines white under NVG).

        Not that a camouflaged cooler offers any special utility, but why go through the trouble of printed webbing over solid fabric, stitched down with black or nearly black thread?

    • Has to be said, I’ve only seen MC webbing look like that on chinese knock-off plate carriers.

      Does seem a tad odd for a company that’s stamping big ‘Made in’ US flags on their products.

      Good concept though as far as attaching any sort of pouch you can think of for secondary/tertiary bottle openers or sauces for meats.

      • STEPAN1983 says:

        And also they use coyote brown fabric instead of Multicam, and almost black thread on bartacks (WTF???)

        • SSD says:

          It’s a commercial product

          • Dairian says:

            Not cool. This should be military or LEO only! Explain to me why you need a camo cooler. Afraid the deer are going to see your 18 pack of ball park franks and Granma’s potato salad?

            • Matthew says:


              Because: ‘MURICA.

              (And as a Brit, I’m not even properly qualified to make such a statement)

  3. Dellis says:

    Off subject a bit…but the other option people go for on these coolers is hydrodipped. It’s damn near impossible to dip one of these fricken vessels into and under water!! Why a camo cooler anyway? Ya really wanna loose your cooler full of drink and salami and swiss on wheat sandwiches in the tall grass??

  4. m5 says:

    Tacticool for the overweight!

    This makes the case for a tactical barbecue gas grill even more pressing. If we get one in genuine Multisam, the pork eating crusader won’t do without.