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Our newest addition to the RSR line-up is called The Noner. System includes AR500 Steel Target, Steel Brackets, and Steel Base. Ships Free!! Rather than hear what we have to say about the target, let’s go to the source – Mike Pannnone…

RSR’s new reduced USPSA silhouette- The RSR Noner target is what I believe to be the most useful steel reactive target at the best price in the industry with the best grade of steel I have ever used. I’ve used RSR for a couple of years now and its price, simplicity, utility and durability are all unparalleled.

The key benefit on the Noner target is the dimensions. The RST is the older brother of the new Noner target and it led the way to this even more efficient scale.

Dimensions- the Noner target is 13.5” high and 7.5” wide with a 4” head area cut out of the top. This leaves the shooter with 90 square inches of target area which is big enough to shoot with rifles standing at 100 yards if you are doing it right yet still very useful for shorter range pistol training (think 7-50 yards). For reference the rectangular A-zone of a USPSA target is 6”x11” or 66 square inches”. The Noner target is 1/3 larger than an A-zone but is still a size that is easily adaptable for either speed or accuracy shooting given the distance. I have found it to be the optimal size for training where you are balancing speed and accuracy with handguns and at distances over 100 yards they become an ever more challenging rifle target. The RSR cap and tongue mount makes it simple, robust and compatible with any existing 2×4 capable base for those that already them. The articulating mount makes them safe to shoot at 10 yards and extends the lifecycle of the target itself by redirecting instead of absorbing all the delivered energy from the projectile. The cherry on top is that the extremely high grade of steel they use has a resonance that I have never encountered with any other steel target. It literally rings like a tuning fork and even at 300 yards it is easy to hear the audible strike.

Again, price, simplicity, utility and durability are all unparalleled. When you need new or more steel the Noner target is what I believe is the most user friendly dimensions for different types of shooting that I know of…and if you have different needs or desires RSR has a whole line of shooter designed and shooter friendly reactive targets. RSR is my 1-stop shop for all my steel target needs.

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