NRA News – Colion Noir On The Media And Racism

This is a subject that I’d normally avoid here on SSD but as a gun owner and NRA member, this video speaks to me.  I hope you give it a listen.

No matter your background, if you care about your second amendment rights, join the NRA.

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32 Responses to “NRA News – Colion Noir On The Media And Racism”

  1. Ed says:

    Pretty accurate, the media does have a cultural-Marxist agenda.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    Boom. Drops the mic.

  3. GSC says:

    “The media” has been agenda-driven since the invention of the printing press. Bias in the news is inevitable given that human beings still write copy; all it takes is the selective use of a few words to completely shift the tone of a news piece. The WSJ, for example, tends toward the right and features op-eds by prominent conservative voices, whereas the NYT is pretty much run by socialist utopians.

    The bigger problem, IMHO, is the lackluster job our schools do teaching kids critical thinking skills.

    • Ivan says:

      You imply that the “Responsibility” lies with the Schools to teach kids critical thinking…

      • Brando says:

        I think he’s trying to make the point that in this modern information age, where opinion masquerade as facts, the average person is less inclined to think critically and accurately process the validity of claims, and instead unconsciously use Confirmation Bias to apply validity to claims they agree with.

  4. SPOT-ON! The media, BOTH FOX and CNN (CNN THE ABSOLUTE WORST with the Clinton News Network) ratings are sky high with such utter sensationalism promoting the fear and hate! These are the numbers they want, and now they have them.

    Great Vid, thanks for posting SSD!

  5. Chuck says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Colion Noir. Im glad he has the support of the NRA, and he doesn’t pull any punches when addressing serious issues. Thanks for sharing SSD.

  6. Chuck says:

    This is a great message. But it really needs to get out through another channel. Same with Dom Raso’s wonderful messages. The problem is people who are anti-Second Amendment and anti-NRA will never pay attention to this because it’s the NRA putting it out. The people who don’t like guns immediately write it off as propaganda.

    I really wish these guys would have the oppurtunity to produce these through other channels…but… as is stated, the media doesn’t work that way.

    • corsair says:

      Full agrement. This video and Noir’s message will barely get past the echo-chamber of gun owners and not into the heads & screens of those are easily swayed by emotional screeds, catchy slogans and vivid images.

      As much as I support the NRA, other gun-rights organizations need to step-up their public message campaigns so the NRA isn’t the lone voice of reason. Too many times will they get dismissed outright by low-information individuals prone to trending opinions.

      • Chuck says:

        I am a lifetime member of the NRA and this video would get watched by many more people if it simply didn’t have the NRA logo in the bottom corner. I understand why it’s there, but too many people will see that logo, and not watch simply due to its presence. It’s an unfortunate fact.

    • Doouche Poser says:

      I love guns and consider most of what the NRA puts out to be propaganda trash.

      Note that I also consider groups like “Mothers Against Gun Violence” and similar groups to be essentially two sides of the same coins: groups so entrenched in their vision that they do not contribute in anyway whatsoever to a public debate that could help tackle the actual issues we’re facing.

    • defensor fortismo says:

      It’s not about reaching the fanatics, it’s about reaching the undecided, the people in the gallery, not behind the podium.

  7. Jon says:

    You mean that the media is trying to manipulate me? No sir! I believe that they are trying to get me the facts at any cost! They really care about finding out the truth and not using people’s emotions to generate $$$ and support hidden agendas.

  8. majrod says:

    Some very valid points have been made about Colion’s message not getting to where it needs to go because of the NRA brand. True.

    But his message is absolutely critical to the NRA showing it’s not a white only organization and helping it cross divides. That can be made even more effective by us sharing Colion’s message far and wide. Yep some will reject it out of hand and not even listen.

    Don’t feel bad or use that as an excuse for inaction. Many of those folks are unreacheable. It wouldn’t impact them if Christ himself was in their living room but there are many others that it would. Others would be just curious about the novelty of having a black man deliver the often unheard truth and there are some out there open to information. Those are the minds we are fighting for.

    I don’t want Colion to find venues outside the NRA to spread his message. A much more effective approach would be more spokespeople from varied demographics to make the same points elsewhere. That includes us.

    • Chuck says:

      Totally agree. I wrote two of the above comments, but in no way do I wish to take away from the NRA side of the message. I almost wish there were just two versions- one to show the NRA is on all of our sides regardless of creed/color/faith, etc. and another that was just pro 2nd amendment to reach the rest of the populace that would otherwise dismiss the message outright.

  9. Grady Burrell says:

    Perhaps Noir scares main stream media. If so, there is renewed criticism from other sources besides the NRA. I believe strong, confident voices from the Chief of Police of Dallas and many others wearing the badge will ultimately be the undoing of the liberal press. People want leadership with a credential to base their own opinions on. They do not need spoon feed, left wing spin.

    • SSD says:

      I agree, Chief Brown is a powerful voice and he’s getting people’s attention because he has no affiliation with any political group.

      • And love his decision to use deadly force when he gave the final OK to have his SWATIES robot kill the murder suspect without ANY hesitstion and telling all he’d do it again when liberal media started down their unique path of too much force…

  10. Hubb says:

    Colion Noir is awesome! I have recommended his videos to anti-gun people before and it helps to show the 2A side of things.

  11. Dellis says:

    The question becomes…Does the media drive ideology or do people seek it from the media?

    In other words “IF” the media is putting out biased and slanted news where then do those presuppositions come from or when are they formed? The editors, the reporters or do the majority of viewers, readers and/or subscribers hold to the per-conceived notions of what the news “ought” to say or be about?

    My personal belief is things go south when morals and ethics are broadened and lines of “absolutes” are erased or redrawn. So is it wrong to lie? It was at a time “Yes” but it has become, “Well everyone lies, and white lies that do no harm are fine!”

    Pluralism is destroying those Absolutes and replacing it with “inclusiveness”. So there are more then one truth, there are no absolutes rights or wrongs. This worldview though is contradictory for if there are “no absolutes” and you disagree with them they brand you an idiot and tell you you are wrong….absolutely wrong!

    The other side is, “bad news sells”. How many white people hurt black people in one day? Well by the news it would seem hundreds daily, is that factual or rather is it just what the news reports because people for the majority want negative crap filling their day so they can look at them and say, “Well I might do bad things, but at least I am not like that guy!!”

    How come there’s no news organization out there selling “Good News” where it shows a black person pulling over and helping an asian couple change flat tire? There are none because most people want misery, destruction and death. My rant may seem off topic of gun control but in reality it’s not for how many “good guy with a gun” stories do you hear about in the media? Just bout zero, nada and zilch. Why? Cause something like that stands against their “sell misery” agenda.

    Remember the Don Henley song, “Dirty Laundry” where the verse says, “We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blond who
    Comes on at five
    She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam
    In her eye
    It’s interesting when people die
    Give us dirty laundry” ?

    • SSD says:

      People seek the bubble and media provides.

    • corsair says:

      Lots of people like to gripe and complain about lobby groups influencing Congress and policy writers, I believe the bigger issue are lobby groups who unduly influence news media. Recently Bloomberg funded a workshop for journalists in order to shape the narrative about firearms in the news and gun violence. There’s no doubting what the intent of this workshop is and it’s intended result.

      In this current age of social media, two things drive the train, a) how much info can you jam into a limited amount of space and b) how much content can you flood a feed. Both require sensationalist headlines and attention grabbing wording; more clicks on the subject equals more feed. Keep clicking and the same subject just packaged from a different source will continue to pour-in. For the low-information individual or, the person who doesn’t really want to dive deep, the more they get bombarded with certain buzzwords and narratives, the more they’ll think it’s true. The left has done a good job in getting their hooks into big media and today, there’s plenty of decision makers who’ve been inculcated into this cycle of news telling.

      • SSD says:

        People read headlines and form opinions.

        • Dellis says:

          Yes they do BUT it’s the headlines that agree with what they presuppose to be right or true. So perhaps it’s “I have an already biased opinion based on feelings/emotions (not critical thought) so I only read those headlines that agree with those.” ?

          So if one supports “gun-control” or in reality out right banning of guns, they will not give a headline that reads, ‘Armed citizen stops home invasion” a second read or even a thought of reading. On the other hand most pro-gun folks I know do in fact read the negative stories or listen to them on TV because they seek to be informed.

          Also, it don’t help when most young people hold shows such as “The Daily Show” and “The View” or “Huffington Post” as bonifide “news sources”.

      • Dellis says:

        Ya, what’s the average attentions span now of most people, especially young people? Something around 3 seconds?

        • Ed says:

          Everything said on this thread is absolutely terrific and very true about confirmation bias and low-info viewers. Last night I caught something a reporter said in Dallas and it comes directly from that Bloomberg narrative of shaping journalistic speech. This live reporter mentioned something to effect of, “How could this man, Micah Johnson stockpile this much ammunition and no one noticed?” From my perspective I totally see a conditioning here in that wording to reach out to the “gray viewers” or people who don’t yet have an opinion that’s meant for them to equate bad-guys stockpile ammo. Maybe I’m looking into it too deep but I believe that is exactly where it starts is with the media trying to shape the masses that are not involved yet. Thought?

  12. Mick says:

    His comments about equal justice for inner city blacks is exactly the point behind the black lives matter movement. The mainstream media has been going to great lengths about how lethal use if force by the police seems to fall disproportionately on some segments of the population.

    • Anibal says:

      Sorry no

      Don’t lump Colion with the racists in the BLM “movement”. He’s a smart respectable man with morals. All the BLM is a racist anti white and anti non black terrorist organization