Gore-Tex Professional

Go Ballistic! Terminal Ballistic Imaging, that is

Our newest addition to the Firearm Instructor’s Training Aids is the 3D BlastBoard™.

Using the FBI Ammunition Testing Protocol, these ballistic 3D impressions enable the quick transfer of knowledge through the use of multiple senses!

With hands-on and up-close visualization of the wound cavity various calibers create through various media, AmVIEWnition’s 3D BlastBoards provide a healthy dose of reality to trainees.

Each cavity is labeled with the following information:
• Bullet Type
• Bullet Speed
• Bullet Weight
• Penetration
• Wound Volume in Cubic-inch
• Photo of recovered projectile
Key benefits to owning a BlastBoard include:
1. Incorporates individual SoloBlasts™ onto a ready-to-hang and framed board.
2. SoloBlasts™ are sturdily constructed to support the tactile inspection needs of tough guys.
3. BlastBoards™ make for fast and easy realization of wound cavities across calibers and barrier types.
4. Speeds comprehension of what actually happens by a bullet when it contacts media.
5. Scale 1 ensures accurate representation of various caliber ‘blasts’.
BlastBoards™ Dimensions: 22” x 32” x 4”
SoloBlasts™ Dimensions: 12” x 18” x 4”



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