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New Violent Little Patch: Pieces of Flair

Violent Little Machine Shop takes it up a notch with what may be the most controversial pro-2A morale patch ever.

The Pieces of Flair morale patch by Violent Little Machine Shop

The ultimate symbol of persecution. If you feel like us, with the laws, the lists, the registrations, the public shaming -making us to feel as if we’re somehow in the wrong for exercising our rights and wanting to be able to protect ourselves, our families, and our country. These people have forgotten their history. Let this symbol remind them, abruptly, that we’re not far off from reliving the atrocities of the past.



104 Responses to “New Violent Little Patch: Pieces of Flair”

  1. Chuck says:


  2. slasher says:

    As a Jew I’m slightly offended by this. Not enough to request a safe space, but I dont think its comparable to the holocaust.

    • DAN III says:


      I’m never offended. What is offended ? You can’t sleep at night ? This being “offended” to whatever degree, detracts from one’s message. Myself, I agree that the attack on 2A fails to rise to the level of the Holocaust, yet. But, I do believe if Hillary Clinton gets elected, there will be bloodshed should the witch attack one’s right to keep and bear arms. 4GW will be practiced against the families of supporting politicos and those with badges supporting and attempting to enforce such a possible attack on Freedom. It will not be nice.

      • Washington says:

        “I’m never offended. ”

        And I guess your personal experiences extend to every other person on the fucking planet

  3. JL says:

    Ummm, thats way over the top. Equating gun ownership with the Holocaust is ridiculous.

    • Asinine Name says:

      Ummm, I think they’re equating LACK of gun ownership with (at least helping facilitate perpetration of) the Holocaust (note respectful capitalisation there) but I’m an Aussie WASP, so WTF do I know?

  4. .308 says:

    I do not think it is reasonable to compare a U.S. gun owner to a Jew or other political/religious/sexual “undesirable” during the reign of the Third Reich. Was your entire family murdered? Has anyone you know been executed or thrown alive into an oven recently? Were your toddlers used for target practice or placed into gas vans for rapid extermination? Have you been forced to work to death? Have you seen any children hung in front of crowds? Do you know any father and son in the U.S. recently that have been shot in the head, then had their bodies boiled to remove skin in order to advance medical research?

    These things.. above…. Happened, but not to you. Or anyone you know… and NOT because they were gun owners or enthusiasts.

    I strongly suggest checking yourself; I am a huge fan of your work.. however this is just blowing it. You guys fucked up.

    • Bob says:

      No to all of the above. Because we are gun owners.

      • .308 says:

        exactly! …. gun owners that live in the greatest country on earth, some perspective.. is what I am saying.

        • Mr.E.G. says:


        • JS says:

          Germany was a pretty advanced society too… Science, philosophy, manufacturing, etc. Yet, some how the NSDAP came to power by telling disaffected people what they wanted to hear.

          • Luxxs says:

            the exact reason why you should be afraid of a POTUS Trump….

            • DAN III says:


              No, Mr. Trump is not to be feared. He is to be embraced. Rather, it is exactly why Freedom and Liberty loving Americans need to be afraid of a scoundrel such as Hillary Clinton. How many “associates” of Trump’s have died or been killed under suspicious circumstances ?

              Hillary Clinton is a Marxist who wants more restrictions on fUSA citizens. More and more taxation and fees on fUSA citizens. Clinton wants to import more and more Muslims into this country while denying natural born citizens the right to prosper, to work, to have a chance to even be middle class. Klinton wants to continue to support globalization and the demise of American exceptionalism. The witch wants to deny citizens the right to defend oneself with the same weaponry those in government are armed with. She will vigorously attack 2A and our God-given rights to defend ourselves against a government going awry; a government that will become as close to being a replication of the Third Reich should this scoundrel be “elected”.

              Clinton is part of a vast, left-wing conspiracy. Folks, errr fools like you, support this globalist, decrying Donald Trump who has already expressed planned policies to literally make America great AGAIN ! Because….fUSA is no longer great. Twenty trillion fiat dollars in debt. All consumer goods made in communist countries and third world shitholes with people paid poverty wages and exported here for socialists such as you to enjoy, using your government-job wages to buy the foreign goods with.

              Ask oneself….”As an American, what do I have to be proud of ?” Answer: “Not much.”

              You Luxxs, are a fool. And as a Klinton supporter, you’re an accessory to tyranny. Should this nation suffers it’s own version of the “Troubles”, folks of your ilk will not be treated too kindly.

        • DAN III says:


          What is so great about living in the fUSA ? Enlighten me.

          • Mr.E.G. says:

            Dan, I appreciate your zeal, but I really think that your concerns are overblown. America is still the best show in town.

      • Washington says:

        What does gun ownership have to do with it? It’s a myth that nazis confiscated guns.

        • Mr.E.G. says:

          Respectfully, this is actually not true. I hate to be “that guy,” but the myth is actually that it’s a myth that Nazis confiscated weapons. There is a book by the name of Gun Control in the Third Reich. It’s a good read, and the only non-speculative historical account of the subject that I’m aware of. It outlines in great detail the gun control measures that were passed in Germany which led to the eventual disarmament of most civilians.

          For what it’s worth, I’m way not in the group of gun owners who thinks we’re all destined for FEMA camps or that WWIII is right around the corner or that Obama is a secret Muslim who is in alliance with the crab people from planet Zorbon or whatever. The book does not read like a conspiracy theory Alex Jones diatribe. It’s written by a well-respected author who has a vast knowledge of gun laws throughout history.

          Again, no disrespect intended.

    • demure says:

      Yeah, this crossed the line…

  5. Jeremy says:

    So much edge, I could open a knife shop.

  6. Jim says:

    No. No no no. This is fucking stupid.

  7. Stu says:

    Make one for veterans of the U.S. armed services.

    • Mr.E.G. says:

      Stu, while I get it that many folks in our society aren’t as supportive of the military as they should be, there’s also a hug swath of America that reveres soldiers. Thanks for your sacrifice and I’m sorry people are jerks to you, but it’s not “Nazi Germany’s persecution of the Jews” bad.

      • Stu says:


        The persecution always starts, from the goverment side, against the greatest obstacle to absolute power.

        Veterans, gun owners, and law enforcement are vilified, and even intelligent people are being ridiculed for objecting, rationally, to everyday news headlines.

        The holocaust did start small at first, and the greast threat to the Nazi’s power was quietly, then publically scorned.

        And yes, they did take their guns away.

        • Mr.E.G. says:

          Sti, I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for explaining your position. You’re preaching to the choir on the issue of Mazi gun confiscation. I am not skeptical about that at all. And I see your point about incrementalism. But I think veterans have far more support than you may realize. Are some politicians who genuinely don’t like you guys? Some citizens? Yes and yes. But the vast majority are supportive.

          No doubt, the vilification you’re referring to does exist, but I thinks it’s not the popular opinion. Thank you for your service to our country. It may not mean much, but I’ve got your back and I vote accordingly.

    • DAN III says:


      Spare me the veterans pitch. I’m surprised you didn’t include the children.

      US armed services veterans have not fought a war where fUSA was attacked in more than 70 years. Those employed in the armed services have only “served” the globalists, the New World Order. Since 1975 not a one has been drafted. They, we, us, I, have gone beyond this nation’s borders to force Amerikan values on those who have done this nation no harm.

      Answer this…”Why does Amerika have 20,000 troops defending the northern border of South Korea but, not a troop one, defending our Mexican border ?” Truly, there are traitors amongst us and the bulk of them can be found within the District of Columbia.

      “Veterans”. Part of the machine of fUSA imperialism. They should be glorified the same as soldiers of the Third Reich. Spare me your synthetic patriotism.

      • Fish says:

        Are you kidding me? Admittedly we have issues with our politicians. That’s a known fact and why many veterans support political change in the US. However, to equate U.S. veterans to the Third Reich is absurd. New World Order? You just lost all credibility. Greed. It’s a problem but it’s a problem everywhere.

        In regards to 20,00 troops defending the border in South Korea, the war was never ended by either side, you don’t say “whatever” and pack up. It was merely a ceasefire agreement. With all the problems that globalism has, the idea was put in place a way of preventing global war akin to WWI and WWII by “forced” interaction.

        Don’t confuse the misguided and possibly corrupt motivations of politicians with the dedication and loyalty of a veteran.

        Also take note that the “imperials” have not shown up at you door to take you away for “crimes against the Fuhrer” for this idiocy. …Must be slacking on imperial duties…

      • Steak TarTar says:

        I bet you use the word “sheeple” too

  8. Mr.E.G. says:

    Yikes. I get it in a gallows humor kind of way, but let’s get real here. The persecution that gun owners experience (real or imaginary) does not even come close to comparison to the freaking holocaust.

    • DAN III says:

      Not yet E.G. Not yet. But if Klinton has her way, those of us embracing what little Freedom remains, courtesy of Firearms, will all be banished to the ovens.

  9. SamHill says:

    Any gun enthusiast wearing that would do a disservice to the community. It is a ridiculous comparison.

  10. Matthew Kime says:

    My initial take on this was different that the direction the comments here are going.

    I’ve had lengthy conversations with different Jewish pro-2A groups here in the Southern CA area. Their mission includes educating future generations about responsible firearms ownership and usage, and historically, the dangers of a tyrannical government that sees an armed populace as a threat.

    If presented as a patch for proud Jewish gun owners (there are MANY) to wear and essentially encourage, “Ask me about how gun control worked out for my people”. I stand and applaud.

    I take the religious symbols of others seriously, and wouldn’t wear something that didn’t apply to me. But I’m just a guy on the internet.

    • P.J. says:

      I have essentially the same thoughts. I wouldn’t buy one for the same reason I wouldn’t buy one of the “Is it because I’m black?” AR shirts. The potential message would be lost if I delivered it, while very effective if given by the right person.

      As for the comparison I think the point is it’s not that bad for gun owners right now, but the third reich didn’t start with outright murder.

    • Mr.E.G. says:

      You make a good argument. I appreciate your perspective.

  11. Dude Abides says:

    Oh dang. Here I sit, unoffended and fresh out of vagisil and midol for the rest of you ladies…. Since when have “morale patches” ever been politically correct or unoffensive?

    • Patrick says:

      I don’t find it offensive. I also don’t find it all that clever. I’m fairly certain it’s meant as a joke…but getting offended is what people do these days.

    • Tony says:

      What a tough badass you are.

      Since when do “morale patches” have to show what a piece of shit you are if you think that is funny.

      I really hope I see someone wearing that shit. It’ll make it a lot easier to identify the pricks in this world, so I can avoid them.

      • CFM says:

        Lighten up, Tony. Geez!

      • DAN III says:


        Well, well, well….another keyboard tough guy rears his feminized, Internet self.

        Have some self-respect and don’t issue anonymous insults you wouldn’t have the gonads to do, face-to-face.


    • Renov8 says:

      Out of all the morale patches I have seen, this one has to be “over the top”. I have seen a lot of offensive patches, yet I would not categorize this as offensive, but more “missing the point”. I don’t see the parallel. I get the message, but don’t find it to fit the situation. Its the shape and color that I am responding too.

  12. orly? says:

    Imagine a black Jew in NYC wearing one of these.

  13. Justin says:

    Instead of jumping right to the holocaust, remember how it all started. It did not start with whole sale slaughter. It started with the Jewish population
    being disenfranchised. Slander, intolerance, bigotry, propaganda and vandalism. They were striped of their rights, property, and lively-hood in an effort to force them out of Germany. They were made out to be less evolved, civilized, and a danger to the German way of life. The German government singled them out and told the people that everything that was wrong was fault of the Jews.

    now replace Jew with gun owner and you can see a bit of the similarities. Yes it’s a bit over the top, but propaganda usually is. Remember this though. It is much harder to strip the rights of an armed populace. King George the 3rd found that out the hard way.

    • DSM says:

      This was along my line of thinking as well. The horrors of yesterday, that so easily fit into a one or two hour documentary of today, did not happen in a vacuum nor spontaneously on one single day in history. One step led to another and then another.

      Yes, it is a strong comparison. Is the implication that a quasi liquidation of the ghettos and all gun owners are rounded up will be happening tonight because we’ve somehow gotten to that tipping point already? Not at all. Is it something that could happen? I surely hope not but I don’t know that anymore than you or the next guy does. Does this take something away from a Jewish victim of Nazi hatred, or, does it take a lesson learned in that suffering and put it front and center? I think it’s something to spur conversation mostly.

    • Luxxs says:

      now replace the jews with mexicans ….

      welcome to the trump campaign…

      • DAN III says:


        I prefer to replace “jews” with Klinton supporters. Oh, and BTW…uninvited Mexicans and any other nationality invading and compromising our laws and borders are deserving of a lead enema or a hemp necklace, including supporters of the attack by foreign nationals.

        How do you think you’d look wearing a hemp necktie ?

    • Sauls AR15 says:

      This gentleman gets it. It started with state-sanctioned intimidation, harassment, and intolerance and led to mass murder. We are nowhere near that, now.

      California’s treatment of its gun owners is getting pretty damned ugly, and is right up on the line that many have drawn in the sand. The Northeast is following suit. The NRA is being demonized by the media and an entire major political party for the acts of crazy people and terrorists. They want to pack the Supreme Court with people who will tell us to not trust our lying eyes and that the plain language of the 2A means the opposite of what it says. They have stated their intentions to come down hard on gun owners should the next election go their way. It is wise to believe them.

      The patch is a bold move and is very provocative; even offensive. It is not something I would choose to wear, but I understand the sentiment. We’re in a heck of a fight and if it is an effective tool to call out people who want to treat us as untermensch just for existing, then good.

      • DAN III says:


        Read the Marxist Luxxs’ demonizing of and attacks on Mr. Trump.

        This country’s fate, will be determined in November. I fear the likes of a Bosnia courtesy of Klinton and her supporters like Luxxs.

        The only hope to return this country to greatness is through Mr. Trump.

  14. madman says:

    Is it suppose to be a sheriff badge and not a Jewish star?

  15. Bill says:

    Anyone both dumb and rash enough to wear one of these can count themselves among the special group of abject retards that includes 3pensiers and open carry antagonists that give gun owners a bad name.

    Something as tasteless as this patch will only reinforce the notion that gun owners are all crazy paranoid nut jobs who shouldn’t be trusted to own weapons in a civilized society.

    There is a difference between being overly sensitive and knowing when something is just in bad taste. This is the later.

  16. Renov8 says:

    Wow. Strong statement with that patch. Although I agree with the premise, I am not sure its appropriate, given the history behind it. I get it. Trust me I do. If the media got wind of this patch, it will be a complete shit storm….might want to reconsider the approach.

    I am all for having a symbol for the 2nd Amendments freaks that we are, just not sure this is it.


    • James says:

      So the media picks it up and persecutes us more? Wouldn’t that make the point of the patch more obvious? Our very existence offends them, we should tiptoe around trying not to offend them?

      • Renov8 says:

        I am not concerned about offending the media, far from it. I just don’t want to give them any more reason to go after our beliefs and guns over a patch that is mired in oppression and hate.

        Hearts and minds will win over the law of the land….we need to be adding to our position and not detracting from it. I feel this patch will detract from those who might consider our position.

        • DAN III says:


          You don’t like the patch ? Then why don’t you make and market one to counter this politically incorrect patch you dislike ?

          Yeah. That’s what I thought….cry me a river !

  17. Hubb says:

    Although I see the message that this patch is supposed to communicate, I cannot get on board with this. I have been to Dachau and nothing we are going through as gun owners in America can come close to what happened during the Holocaust.

  18. Chris says:

    False Equivalence whiny white trash mall ninjas are ruining gun ownership for everyone else. The victim complex of the open carry retards make them no different then SJWs.

    • Gun Owner says:

      Thank you for saying that. I’m glad to know some others here are reasonable.

    • DAN III says:


      Here are those who are “ruining” the rignt to bear arms or as you prefer to term it “gun ownership”….they are the unelected bureaucrats and the elected traitorous weasels like Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer, soetoro-obama, the Clintons, John Kasich and folks such as yourself. The aforementioned traitors have ignored the Constitution and destroyed our rights. In the meantime it is fools like yourself who blame the marketing of a cloth patch, for the loss of Liberty and Freedom.

      Should Feinstein ever get her wish to have Amerikans “turn them all in”, my guess is you’ll be the first in line.

      There will not be enough hemp when the time comes.

  19. TexasKrypteia says:

    Some 2A people need to get the fuck over themselves. You have guns……Now at least act like you have a brain and a pair of balls.

  20. Vic says:

    Anyone need tissues? Not sure if you all ever noticed, but VLMS doesnt really specialize in things that are in “good taste”, politically correct, or even popular… If you like it buy it, if you don’t then don’t. Pretty simple.

  21. C says:

    I find it spot on.
    From the website…

    We do not invoke this historical symbol lightly. The similarities of the current attitude of the legislative environment and the systematic persecution that this star represents are uncanny. There’s no difference. The “Pieces of Flair” patch is a strong reminder of how quickly an unarmed society can be toppled by a dictatorship. How have we reached this point? How has thepersecution of a single group of people become so socially acceptable? Well, to us, its not. Its time to remind these people of history. Line in the sand: drawn. This patch will fray nicely at the edges with usage (intentionally).

    Not one more inch.

  22. John says:

    I get the symbolism however the association with the Holocaust is “slightly” over the top. In some ways I say Yeah! Right On! and in others I cringe. It certainly will create attention but perhaps some negative attention as well.

    • DAN III says:


      “…..negative attention….”

      Who the fuck cares ? Perhaps you and the other patch whiners here should be more concerned with Hillary Klinton’s selling of the State Department to the highest, foreign bidder ? Or her promise to attack our rignts to keep and bear arms, within the first 100 days of her potential anointment to POTUS.

      You fucking millenials all appear to be suffering from cranial-rectal inversion.

  23. Doouche Poser says:

    Is that badge called the “Hyperbolic Crybaby”?

    I get it. If it was a caricature I’d smile slightly. But it’s not, it’s something Violent Little Machine Shop designed to make a couple bucks. But this is America and the Free Market. They can do what I want, including morally questionable comparisons like this, if that gives them a bit of revenue. All hail money.

  24. CFM says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    • Dellis says:

      I agree…yet much of the patch itself says that the Jews LOST that freedom and they were forced to wear a badge of shame. Ironic that a Jew today would freely buy this patch and proudly wear it.

  25. Rod says:

    As a Jew it initially didn’t bother me. If you look at the patch as simply saying I’m a Jew and a gun owner, then I get it, I thought about getting it for my dad as a joke.

    But that being said, if this patch was worn by a gentile attempting to compare the holocaust to their second amendment ” struggle” then it is incredibly ignorant and offensive. And yes I understand the argument that this is what happens when a society is disarmed, and do not disagree. And This is coming from a Jew gun owner who is not sensitive or offended by much.

    Compare some of the above descriptions of the holocaust to what a gun owner faces today… Having your entire family dragged from their homes, killed in front of you, and then being forced to work until your own untimely death doesn’t really compare to having to wait three months for your SBR. Or being told your redneck, tank top wearing ass can’t open carry in an elementary school. Need i say more?

    • BillJ says:

      Rod, couldn’t have said it better.

      I get where they were trying to go with it, but they missed the mark. Calling it pieces of flair only seems to underscore that.

    • Jim says:

      Y’all missing the point. Think just a few tenths of an inch deeper than the mud puddle your mom keeps telling you to stop playing in.

      This patch is a SYMBOL. Of what? Of the dangers of gun control. What happens historically every time a previously free population of a country gives up its guns giving the government a monopoly on violence? Really Bad Shit! That’s what. The Jewish genocide of WWII is just the most well known example of what gun control can mean. Historically it was small in comparison to what the communist inspired genocides of the 20th century but nobody gives a damn about Ukrainian & Russian Kulaks or Chinese coolies. FYI the commies, like Hitler. banned guns before beginning their big killing sprees. See how that works kids?

      Is this symbol offensive? Yes. On purpose there snowflakes. Why? All the better to bitch slap you into taking your booger hooks and beedy eyes off you iPenis screen for a few seconds and maybe, just maybe do something usually foreign to you. It’s something called independent thought about an important concept that doesn’t pertain to porn or a damned pokemon. That concept is LIBERTY and FREEDOM. Why is it important? What are the consequences to you personally if your lazy ass never does anything to ensure the continuation of personal liberty and freedom in this country?

      “Bullshit!” you cry as you take your thumb out of your mouth. “Something like that could never happen here!” You might want to read up on US government/indian relations in the 1800s, the Civil War, the Tuskeegee Experiment, etc.. there peckerwoods. You might be pretty shocked about what the federal government HAS ALREADY DONE to groups of people it did not like.

      Still not convinced? Fine. Go on youtube and look up some stuff about the communist movement AKA, SDS, AKA the Weather Underground, AKA the Democratic party in America since 1960. There’s a really juicy clip there somewhere involving a guy who infiltrated one of those groups of domestic terrorists in the 1960s. This bunch of pot head pseudo intellectuals were sitting around talking about what to do with all the reluctant folks not all crazy about a leftist revolution in their back yards. What was the proposed solution? Well you guessed it boys and girls. All those folks deemed not welcome would be rounded up and sent to “Re-Education camps out in the remote and dry southwest. They estimated that somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-50 million folks would have to die like that to create their idealized commie American utopia. Hint: These people or their fellow travelers are now running the government and a lot of major industries. They are working steadily for the day when they can stop pretending and show the world exactly how they really are.

      So go ahead and bitch & whine about the super offensive patch and go back to hunting pokemon. It’s all that most of y’all in what Clint Eastwood calls the “pussy generation” are good for anyway. Bless all y’all hearts.

      • jbrown says:

        this guy gets it…

      • Bill says:

        Jade Helm is over bro, no one carted you away. No one came to take your guns. President Obama didn’t impose Sharia law.

        Remember to vote in your state and local elections.

        • Luxxs says:

          Jade Helm is never over



        • James says:

          So, that’s an argument against anything he wrote? Go read Days of Rage by Burrough. Watch the interviews with Larry Grathwald. Tell me these aren’t the same people shooting cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge, explain to me how anything but the people funding these groups and the names of the groups have changed.

      • JT says:

        You’re so awoke. No one’s getting one over on you. You with your bunker, 15 years worth of MREs, hordes of gold, and social anxiety disorder.

      • Chris K. says:

        “Bullshit!” you cry as you take your thumb out of your mouth. Awesome line, gonna steal that.

  26. jbrown says:

    Taken straight from the British Library – Voices of the Holocaust website……

    Jews throughout Nazi-occupied Europe were forced to wear a badge in the form of a Yellow Star as a means of identification. This was not a new idea; since medieval times many other societies had forced their Jewish citizens to wear badges to identify themselves….

    ….The star was intended to humiliate Jews and to mark them out for segregation and discrimination. The policy also made it easier to identify Jews for deportation to camps.

    1. Means of identification – I think we have heard plans on that before for us 2A types

    2. Segregation/discrimination – we currently see this in the media and the snowflake generations

    3. Made it easier to identify Jews for deportation to camps….hopefully…wont get this far because of the 2a

  27. Dellis says:

    Many will look at this patch, get the meaning and understand it from a historical and present day sense. It’s a merging of yesterday and today.

    Others will say, “It’s way over the top, peoples gun rights are not being stripped nor is anyone being rounded up and placed in camps!!”

    I can see both sides, yet I only have a response to the “It’s not like that here” replies, which is…”Ya, not yet!”

    That’s what I take from this…”Of course it’s not that bad here….yet.” Will it ever be like that? I pray not but look at the signs folks. History will repeat itself because we think we are too smart or advanced for another holocaust but perhaps the next great holocaust will not be about a people but rather an idea…the idea of a free nation and people. The founding fathers would not be allowed to speak today at the majority of “higher education” campuses today because their views would be deemed “far right radicals!”

    Hillary will be our next President and with that a slow chipping away at even more freedoms. She will not take guns outright but rather she will make it damn complicated and expensive to buy guns, ammo and parts. Limits on ammo plus a high tax on ammo, restrictions on gun sights, magazines and unable to modify your own gun because that will be seen as “gunsmith” and fall under all kinds of federal restrictions then. Hillary wants guns in a museum where we can walk with our grandkids and we tell them, “Yes son, that there is a Gen 4 Glock 19…oh and look, a high capacity magazine right next to it!”

  28. Andre says:

    I’ve purchased from VLMS before. This patch was in rather poor taste so I obviously won’t buy it. Some of their products aren’t for me but I don’t HATE the company.


  29. Luxxs says:

    well talk about a lack of history knowledge…

    a 2A supporter shouldn’t wonder why he is not being taken serious when wearing one of those….

  30. DSM says:

    People are comparing and equating this yellow star generically to the Holocaust. If the Holocaust was just about Jews wearing yellow stars then I’d say there’s disparity in history. Of course (and unless you’re from Iran) you know this not to be true.
    The identification of Jews in the occupied and German lands was only the FIRST act in what we know today as the Holocaust. Identify. Register. Make tidy lists, control and then generate the desired outcome. This is the “in your face” statement these guys are making.
    The message is sound I believe, the stand alone execution of the idea needs more support to reach more understanding of their intent. Then again, maybe some of you guys are right. Instead of learning from what happens when power hungry, megalomaniacs gain control of a country we should just forget the lesson those 6 million + souls have passed through to posterity.

    • PETE says:

      With armed mobs rampaging last night in Milwaukee, with the tacit endorsement of the chief elected official, not sure how off the message is. I have been recently reinforcing my history of the Weimar Republic, which Hitler co-opted to found the Third Reich. Weimar ended because Hitler offered an economic and social platform of stability, including surprising support from the Jewish vote.

      Hitler’s repression was not just the Judiasm or the Roma, he attacked various churches and civic-minded groups such as the Freemasons. The Nazi platform was the fascist mobilization of the state; they eliminated all the groups able to offer alternative narratives to National Socialism. The Nazis always used violence, but they came to power by their ideas, in a democratic election.

      Why the history? DSM has it right – taking the guns from the Jews, then from everyone else, was part of the process that let a small percentage of society to rule the rest. Six million Jews died in noxious Final Solution, but the Nazi ideology of hate was boarder than racial animosity.

      The VLMS patch is not my style, but the messages resonates today.

  31. R says:

    No. Straight-up, Barney-style: No. Not ever. Don’t even.

    This is grossly offensive.

    Whomever designed this, should be fired. Case closed. Done.

  32. Rod says:

    Ha, I like this look below the surface bullshit, like it is such a profound message. The symbolism doesn’t exactly take a professor of 20th century history to unearth. The swastica wasn’t always a symbol of the third reicht… But you dont generally see people donning it for its previous meaning.

    To those that do see the symbolism of the message the patch is trying to get across… It ain’t that complex.

    I’m a supporter of the second amendment and my family knows first hand what it means to be disarmed, and slowly marginalized, captured and then Killed. And no historicaly it wasn’t just the Jews, I think we all know that.
    It’s still not a patch that I would feel comfortable or proud to wear

    Now we should probably use our energy to discuss the actual issue instead of a patch that symbolizes it, with people that actually disagree.

    • Chris K. says:

      Rod, just FYI the Nazi swastika is different than the Buddist one (backwards and angled).

  33. Adun says:

    Atheist Jew and IDF vet here. Let’s do away with the word “offensive” for a moment, because it seems to be getting more attention than the original post. This patch is in bad taste, not only because it compares our situation in the U.S. to something horrible which has already happened, but it also further’s the Nazi’s terror tactics by encouraging a group to adopt the symbology it forced on the Jews during their persecution and genocide. Symbolism is important, and choosing to wear this patch not only sends the wrong message, but continues the message from a very dark period of time in global history.

    The fact that this patch wasn’t displayed on the main page should be point enough to how inappropriate it is, and whoever thought they were being smart by making this comparison needs to be spoken with. We should be seeing patches which encourage strength and unity, instead this patch harkens back to a time where people were victims and divided.

    While I agree that there is always a possibility for firearms owners to have to face a horrible future in this country, we are nowhere near that level yet, nor should we promote the comparison in the slightest.

  34. Phil Rowe says:

    The yellow star as depicted on the patch is indeed directly related to and emblematic of Jewish suffering during the holocaust.

    To hijack that for another purpose (commercial, political in this case) is inappropriate and in extremely bad taste.

    Aww, you feel you are being persecuted because of exercising your 2A rights. That may be true a little bit, but don’t equate your ‘suffering’ and ‘sacrifice’ with that of holocaust victims – that’s disgusting.

    Reminds me of what one of our rich born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth Presidential hopefuls said recently about having ‘sacrificed’. Which brings us back to the real ‘Nazi’ threat we face today…

  35. Whit says:

    I’m not offended, and actually think that its spot on. Remember, the Holocaust did not start with killing people. It started with demonizing Jews and making people hate them because the Nazis claimed they were different. That’s what is happening with gun owners right now. And sadly, most gun owners AREN’T standing up and fighting back.

    And for the record, I have Jewish ancestry, including distant cousins who were murdered in the Holocaust.

  36. Whit says:

    I’m not offended, and actually think that its spot on. Remember, the Holocaust did not start with killing people. It started with demonizing Jews and making people hate them because the Nazis claimed they were different. That’s what is happening with gun owners right now. And sadly, most gun owners AREN’T standing up and fighting back.

    And for the record, I have Jewish ancestry, including distant cousins who were murdered in the Holocaust. Never again.

  37. Steak TarTar says:

    Created by a gentile I bet

  38. Brent says:

    I don’t believe in anything. I’m just here for the crying.