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Well, it is not exactly like the one in Back To The Future. It won’t really transport you through time, but it will give you tons of time you never had. The warfighter has plenty of bullets, beans and boots, but what they don’t have enough of is time to deal with the ever-increasing mountain of administrative tasks on their plates.

Most senior officers think that because of digitization, their troops are getting more productive because of less paperwork. Actually the opposite is happening. Despite all of the digitization, they now have more paperwork than ever. Research conducted by the American Action Forum revealed a 47.8% increase in just the last 20 years alone.

Kopis is helping give time back to the warfighter with their family of FastForm Apps. Produced about a year ago, FastForm 1306 is a mobile system that significantly cuts down the time it takes to create jump manifests. It digitally manifests a jumper quickly and generates a 100% accurate jump manifest form for the jumpmaster. http://4ksolutions.com/4k-supports-paratroopers-at-fort-bragg/

The just released FastForm Readiness app is a time and money saver as well. It tracks individual warfighter’s medical, dental and OER/NCOER. The app provides senior leaders with instant notifications if a qualification is about to lapse or already has and creates the form DA Form 1379. Among its many features, it generates an email that can be sent to the warfighter notifying them what the deficiency is, how to fix it and what will happen if it is not taken care of. It can also create and send emails to chow halls and billeting offices to cancel reservations so charges aren’t incurred for not showing up, saving an organization thousand of dollars annually.

These two products, and all of Kopis’s other products for that matter, were created via their proprietary diagnostic system. Their engineers and SMEs spend a few days interviewing multiple levels of leadership in a military organization in order to discover what their pain points are. They then produce software and/or hardware that will help reduce inefficiencies and generate cost savings. With this approach, Kopis puts the warfighter at the center of their product development and gives them direct input into the products they ultimately end up with.

For more information about Kopis products or their diagnostic system, contact them at [email protected] or call 866-535-1985.



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