30 Seconds Out – Tigerstripe Kunar Valley Heliskiing Hat

Kunar Valley, Afghanistan. Big mountains, firefights and epic terrain. No one heli-ski’s in the Kunar, at least not yet. We could if we stopped shooting each other and just went skiing!

Trucker Style
Flat Or Bent Brim, Customize At Will


3 Responses to “30 Seconds Out – Tigerstripe Kunar Valley Heliskiing Hat”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Drop a spine in full battle rattle? Sounds like an epic video idea to me. You know, if it weren’t for the insurgents.

  2. JHP says:

    Wrong color tigerstripe though… They all had desert pattern…

  3. BHammond says:

    Will there be a patch to follow?