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You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

Daily reader of SSD. Took these photos while at the annual D-Day Conneaut event in Ohio on August 20th.

Day Ohio, Inc. will invade the Lake Erie shores of Conneaut, Ohio, and stage the largest D-Day (1944) living history reenactment in the country. Featuring over 1,500 reenactors from across the US and Canada, spectators will witness men, women, and their machines perform a living tribute to the veterans of WWII through dress, mock battles, and living history displays. Meet the real men and women that lived through these times.

Thanks BA 

7 Responses to “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up”

  1. Gerard says:

    What kind of field piece is that?

  2. BA says:

    Flak 88. Fired blanks on the hour during D-Day event.

    • Gerard says:

      Ahhh yes thanks the camo pattern confused me, did you know the 88 was used by the North Koreans during the Korean conflict obviously given to them by the Russians who captured them during WW2

  3. maresdesign says:

    German 88mm. First used as an Anti-Aircraft gun but in Africa they learned it was also excellent as a long range anti-tank gun.

  4. Another Ed says:

    The United States fielded a similar weapon:

  5. tictac says:

    I missed it this time, but I try to go whenever I can. One of the diminishing chances to hear WWII vets talk about what they did. The whole event is great and helps me put things in perspective.

  6. jk says:

    This is awesome