ITS Agents Morale Patch Set

Having grown up reading Mad magazine and then served in the intelligence community, how can I not love this? Furthermore, how ironic that Mad magazine prepared me all too well for my IC service.


6 Responses to “ITS Agents Morale Patch Set”

  1. SGT Rock says:

    Spy vs Spy FTW!

  2. Awesome patch work right there.

  3. Rusty Proder says:

    Just curious, but how do all these patch companies get around copyright law? I’ve seen blatant rip-offs of basically everything from NASA patches to stuff like this. I doubt any of these “creatives and loved co’s” are paying royalties to the rightful owners of the artwork. Just sayin’…

    • Jeremy says:

      I’d assume cost of litigation. Unless a company is causing significant financial damage to your brand, why blow money down the drain on a lawsuit that could cause publicity blowback?

      • Rusty Proder says:

        Copyrighted material is covered by Federal Law, not civil law. Therefore, you are only exposed financially for the cease and desist portions of litigation. Once an infringer continues to abuse your artwork, then you get the Feds involved. Additionally, how would there be “blow back” against the “victim”? Ever notice how these folks never take on people like Disney? Know why? Disney sews the fuck out of rip-off artists. Bottom line is, it’s not okay to make money off of other peoples designs, yet it goes on daily in the tactical world. It is what it is I guess.

    • Bryan Black says:

      It’s an artistic parody and it’s been happening in the art world for a long time. This particular patch set is an original design that integrates features from our logo when placed together. So to address your comment, we’re the rightful owners of this particular artwork. We parody Disney stuff too.