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The Twist Pouch From Cole-Tac

Stop losing the bits that come with your Multitasker Twist. Now available from Cole-TAC, the Twist Pouch. Hand made here in America. Available in Clack, Coyote, OD abd MultiCam, it is available with or without the Twist as well.



6 Responses to “The Twist Pouch From Cole-Tac”

  1. Daniel O'Brien says:

    Tactical pocket protection! Definitely will grab one

  2. Greg says:

    Pretty nice little pouch. If you guys ever consider doing a second version, it would be great if it had some molle compatibility on the back.

  3. Craig says:

    Maybe its just me, but, why would it need MOLLE on the back of a small pouch,that would just add to the price?
    It’s so small it could e thrown in a III-A front pocket,a Paraclete firing /Medical systems pouch,backer pocket of a plate carrier ect.

    I mean, call me nutty-it wont be the first (or last I’m sure) but I just dont see the point or labor/price increase for it…?

    • Greg says:

      You’ve got some valid points, especially the price/labor factor. I just thought it would be nice to keep it handy, not tucked away inside something else, especially with so many bags these days with molle already stitched on the outside (some even have it inside too). Heck you could even hang the pouch on your belt.

      My thinking was not so much for down range reasons, but molle has spread well into the civilian sector as an industry standard, it could give it a little extra modular functionality in the eyes of the consumer.

      Anyhow, it was just a suggestion for the future. Cole-Tac’s got a solid product as it currently stands, regardless.

  4. Agent K says:

    Anyone else wanna see who is behind the plane?

    • Hump says:

      ^^^ Wrong post but I highly recommend you check out their Instagram…For research purposes.