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You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

Looking over to the Arenal Volcano from the Santa Elena cloud forest reserve in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Thanks Ed O!

6 Responses to “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up”

  1. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    Pura Vida!

  2. Matt says:

    I remember looking up at Arenal from the hot springs spa at the base of it. There were smoke & sparks coming out of the mountain at the time. Our tour guide leaned across the swim-up bar and said “you know, Senor, we are really TOO close to that volcano”

    • Edward O says:

      I enjoyed the hell out of the hot springs there, but at that point the cloud ceiling was so low that the thunder was setting off car alarms.

      Not a single bit of the volcano was visible in that weather, so I was damn glad I took the longer route through Santa Elena to get the distance view.

  3. Uncle Matt says:

    Headed to CR this weekend for the first time! Super stoked, hopefully the rain will hold off for us…

    • Edward O says:

      I was worried looking at the forecast that there would be 12 hours rain every day, but I was pleasantly surprised! Even with early October still being “rainy season” I didn’t see more than a few hours rain in the evening most days.

      Still: have an umbrella, and have a pack-cover. Well worth it.

  4. Mike D says:

    Pleasantly surprised to see some SSD readers that are so keen on the Tico lifestyle! I can’t wait to get back there myself!