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Spirit Of Blue Wreath Fundraising Campaign


In the spirit of the holiday season, Whitney Wreath has partnered with the Spirit of Blue Foundation to offer a special Spirit of Blue wreath. The Spirit of Blue wreath features a blue French wired ribbon trimmed in silver, an appropriate nod to its namesake, along with sliver-toned bunches of pine cones, berries, and holly. A portion of the proceeds of each Spirit of Blue wreath will be donated to the Spirit of Blue Foundation to further their efforts to promote public awareness for the protection of law enforcement officers as well as fulfill safety equipment and training needs.


2 Responses to “Spirit Of Blue Wreath Fundraising Campaign”

  1. mike says:

    I don’t mean this to come off as negative, so I apologize in advance – do we know exactly what ‘portion’ or sales go the charity?

    After Wounded Warrior and ton of other less then reputable ‘charities’ out there, I always try to double check. I’m not finding specifics on their page but I could be stuck on stupid.