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Relax, They’re Just ‘Experiments’

You’ve probably read that the Marine Corps is looking at replacing the M4 with the M27 IAR, which is a variant of H&K’s 416. You may have also read that the Marines are going to issue suppressors to the GCE. We’ve known about both of those small unit experiments for awhile now. Thing is, there’s no requirement, and what’s worse, no money, for either. Consequently, we didn’t post a story telling you that the Marines are evaluating a new rifle or suppressors.

Our advice? Don’t hold your breath. If one or both of those happen, it won’t be anytime soon.


3 Responses to “Relax, They’re Just ‘Experiments’”

  1. Chuck Mac says:

    Trump will fix that no money thing.

  2. Kush says:

    Even if there was money, MCOTEA and TECOM would still F-it up.