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Detonation Technology – Mini Breakaway Pulley


The Mini Breakaway Pulley from Detonation Technology allows an EOD Tech to create a change in direction during a remote pull. A breakaway pulley can reduce the number of approaches that have to be made when remotely moving an improvised explosive device. The Mini Breakaway Pulley is small, measuring 3″x1″x.5″; light weight, at 2.5oz; and durable, being made entirely from Stainless Steel and Delrin. The breakaway action is triggered by a knot in the line, no additional parts needed. The pulley is built to use line between 5/64″ and 1/8″ (2-3 mm).



8 Responses to “Detonation Technology – Mini Breakaway Pulley”

  1. Tech says:

    Received one from Lawrence last month; very sturdy, and by comparison to other breakaway pulleys available for individual purchase, super affordable. easily over half the size of the previous breakaway pulley I kept in my tool bag. I haven’t had a ton of chances to play with it yet, but it will reliably feed 5/64″ dynema line and 550 cord. You can’t go any bigger than 550 cord though, but that’s the trade off for how small it is. If you want to make a fully functional HAL kit on a micro-scale, I think this is the only option on the market for this capability at this size.

    it’s one of the only gee-whiz toys I’ve gotten for work in the last year that raised my eyebrows.

  2. Jim says:

    WOW! That’s awesome.

  3. Erik says:

    I want the vicegrips with the welded on anchor points just as much as I want the pulleys!

  4. Hubb says:

    So what was the f’d up situation that lead to the development of this tool?

  5. EODFish says:

    That closed gate hook knife looks legit too. Thanks for highlighting these guys SSD, we got mini-breakaways at EOY and they cost us $160ish through a different source. Detonation Technology is priced so reasonably that I would put my own money towards it.

    • Tech says:

      I have one of the hook knives as well as the folding grapnel. I had a vice grip with the attachment point welded on the spine as well, and I gave it away to a team member and regretted it shortly thereafter. Lawrence has developed a very functional and practical tool suite that multiplies capabilities for dismount operations at a pretty minimal cost to weight, and at a very affordable price. For example, that hook knife is only $26, which is no more than most seatbelt cutters that techs already use, but with the added capability of a self-latching gate, an integral attachment point for carabiners, and easily half the size. You may pay the same for the basic capability but you get a lot more bang for your buck.