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Lancer Systems 2017 Catalog


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Check out the Lancer Systems 2017 catalog, which features their entire line of magazines, handguards, and rifles.



8 Responses to “Lancer Systems 2017 Catalog”

  1. PaulM says:

    I don’t know why so many suppliers fail to provide basic information like dimensions and weight when selling their products. I wonder if they realize how much they lose in sales because a frustrated potential customer couldn’t find basic information and instead decided to go with a competitor. I chose not to buy a Lancer handguard and instead went with a competitor’s precisely for that reason. I’m about to do the same with a barrel manufacturer who can’t be bothered with listing the weight of their barrels but assure us that they “maintain field weight”….whateverTF that means. It is a miracle that these companies manage to survive and even thrive in spite of themselves.

    • Ross says:

      Paul, not sure what you are referring to. This catalog clearly lists dimensions and weight.

    • rlb0311 says:

      They have their dimensions and weights listed next to their handguards..

    • Huch says:

      You have to click on “Shop Now” and then go to the specific handguard length to see the weight. It would be nice if they had a weight range listed on the main page though.

      • PaulM says:

        So that’s where it is! Still, my observation remains valid. Suppliers should have detailed info and specs on their products up front where they can easily found and read. We shouldn’t have to dig around their website (or the web) for basic information that should be listed up front.

  2. Foamythedog says:

    Great mags.
    Great carbon work…. Worth a deeper look