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Gunfighter Moment – Mike Glover

This week’s Gunfighter Moment is a little different. Rather than a lesson from one of the Bravo Company’s Gunfighters, I’m going to tell you about Mike Glover’s podcast, “FieldCraft Survival” which offers even more access to this BCM Gunfighter.

Already in its 20th episode, “FieldCraft Survival” covers a wide range of subjects such as kit, tactical medicine, nutrition, weapons, and mindset. In fact, mindset is one of Mike’s strong suits and his talks are very insightful as he relates personal experiences into the podcasts. When he is joined by others, the interaction is engaging as one tip builds on the next. For those interested in pursuing a career in special operations, these podcasts offer excellent insight.

This isn’t Mike’s first go at podcasts. Previously, he’s been featured on the Global Recon podcast and had short go at a predecessor to his current endeavor called, “FieldCraft Survival Presents“. To subscribe from iTunes, visit

Mike’s podcast library offers a whole new dimension to his features here on Gunfighter Moment. It’s definitely worth a listen and I will put it on in the truck while driving. It is a great way to pass the time and pick up a new perspective along the way.


A former Special Forces disabled veteran with more than 18 years of military service, Mike has operated at the highest levels of Special Forces. Deploying 15 times to combat theaters, he has served in the following positions: SF Weapons Specialist, SF Sniper, SF Assaulter/Operator, SF Recon Specialist, SF Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC), SF Team Sgt, and SF Operations SGM.

Mike is a certified U.S. Government federal firearms instructor, and has also has trained mobility with Team O’Neil Rally School, BSR Racing, and BW drivers courses. He is medically trained every two years in Advanced Medical Trauma and continually maintains his re-certifications for consultation practices.

Considered a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in planning and executing Special Operations in a myriad of complex environments, Mike has taken his 18 years of experience and is giving the American citizen the applicable training tools and training necessary to better protect themselves and their families here and abroad.

Mike has a Bachelors degree in Crisis management and homeland security with American Military University and is pursuing his masters in military history.

Mike currently lives in northern California, where he continues to consult for the U.S. Government in security and firearms instruction.

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Bravo Company USA. Bravo Company is home of the Gunfighters, and each week they bring us a different trainer to offer some words of wisdom.

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    That link appears to be down, here is the link to the podcasts. Cheers.