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Stuff I Like – The Barracks Buddy from Atlas 46

Summer camping season is upon us and for my family, that means family camping in a Taj Mahal and summer camp for the boys. These are more expeditionary in nature than the one man shelter outings we do in Winter, so we take a lot more stuff. Especially, with mama in tow. One of those things we always include is the Barracks Buddy by Atlas 46.

The patented Barracks Buddy was one of the first products developed by John Carver under his 5 Seas Engineering and Trading brand. The Barracks Buddy is a great accessory for keeping gear handy when you are staying in tents, or barracks with bunks.

I use it to keep lots of things handy but because it can be hung vertically or horizontally, I’ve even used it to line dry swimming trunks and towels.

Crafted from 50″ long x 2″ wide webbing with a full length 550 cord tacked along the length to allow you to attach gear but the coolest part is the disc-style hook buckle which weaves into the 550 and can be nailed or screwed into a wall for permanent installations.

Features and Benefits
– Four hook set up to hang anything from clothes to bags to boots
– Loop hangers allow for variety of hanging options: on hooks, over rods, etc.
– Lower loop can be used to adjust the overall hanging length
– 2″ Mil-Spec nylon construction with reinforced stitching
– Hand crafted in the USA

The Barracks Buddy is available now in Black and Coyote, for the military crowd who will deploy with it as well as several other colors for the rest of us. It’s in USA and comes with storage bag.

It’s one of the handiest gadgets we take for multi-day outings.


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