SPARTANAT – RangePack – iMessage Sticker Pack

Range Pack

The “RangePack” is an iMessage Sticker Pack for iOS devices made by TACTICALMEASUREMENTS known from their first app MyRPM. It contains useful stickers for the use at the range. This variety of different calibers, targets and sights are allowing you an easy communication with your friends at the range, your gunsmith or local gun dealer. Just DRAG the sticker into your conversation or on a picture, a other sticker or just to show or point something out. The “RangePack” is an iMessage Sticker Pack for iOS devices made by TACTICALMEASUREMENTS known MyRPM.

Range Pack 2

How it works

After downloading the iMessage Sticker Pack called “RangePack” from the App Store it shows up in your iMessenger. After opening the iMessenger presse the Application button to open your iMessage Sticker Packs and select the RangePack. “explain” – Take a picture of your target, mark your shots and show your problem/score to your friend or gunsmith.

Range Pack 3

RANGEPACK on Facebook: www.facebook.com/iOSRANGEPACK
RANGEPACK on Instagram: www.instagram.com/rangepack
RANGEPACK on iTunes: appsto.re/at/WFEeib.i



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3 Responses to “SPARTANAT – RangePack – iMessage Sticker Pack”

  1. Greg says:

    Will it be coming to android?

    • Dominik says:

      Hey Greg,
      That is not sure but maybe we find a way to bring it to android too.

      Thank you for the Feedback & stay safe !

      Kind Regards
      Dominik C.

  2. Mackattack says:

    There’s always one in the group ^^^. :-p