Reward For The Return Of This Notebook

This notebook belongs to my close friend Dave Reeder. I came up missing earlier today at NRAAM and it holds sentimental value for him. Consequently, he would like to get it back.

I would appreciate any information leading to its return and am offering a reward. If you have it, or can help him get it back, please post in the comments section below.


19 Responses to “Reward For The Return Of This Notebook”

  1. This can be made right and forgotten about by simply turning it in as found. Dave served honorably for over 20 years and retired a SNCO in the US Air Force. Since his retirement he has championed the small companies, lifted up his fellow Veterans and is never a spot light Ranger. Who ever finds this and turns it in for Dave will be awarded a new Wild Things Jacket no questions asked.

  2. Ugh, why? Why do people steal personal items like this?

  3. Asinine Name says:

    Classy item and a lovely bit of leatherwork. Hope he gets it back.

  4. Matt Jacques says:

    I will offer $100 reward / finders fee to someone if the notebook is returned to David in the same condition when it was lost.
    Matt J.

  5. Ill add another $500 on top of the $100 MAtt Jaques has offered.

  6. JKifer says:

    so many things come to mind…but all I can is just wow… I hope it gets returned. on a side note, I still carry around a notebook everywhere I go agency got all cheap on me though and stopped carrying those little badass green memorandum notebooks we all loved.. sucks..

  7. TFB_Pete says:

    Reposted as breaking news over at TFB. Good luck.

  8. PTMcCain says:

    Wow…you have to be some kind of lowlife to steal a man’s personal property.

  9. Joe_momma says:

    Everyone saying it was stolen. Do we know it was swiped or could it simply have misplaced or lost?

  10. Arclight says:

    Sucks to have those sorts of things walk off. I’d lose a lot if mine disappeared. On a lighter, note, that’s a cool notebook. Any suggestions on where to get one like that? Or was that a one-off? Either way, I hope that one’s returned to Dave safe and sound.

    • Kristin Efurd says:

      My brother made this journal. It is indeed, custom made, and a one-of-kind but he can fix you up with something similar. You can find his work at the page, Latigo Mercantile on Facebook.

  11. GHL says:

    I’ll throw in a new ALG 13″ MLOK handguard and Surefire 5.56 WarComp on top of the other items.