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Caption This

I’ll send a KCRF patch to my favorite.  

162 Responses to “Caption This”

  1. Captain' Merica says:

    Whatcha thinkin ’bout?

    Just, you know, sniper stuff.

  2. Mike D says:

    “Hmmm, maybe I should just start selling the things I write about. At least then all those random emails I get wouldn’t be in vain”

  3. Adam K says:

    Wait a minute! This isn’t my Tuesday gun. This is my Wednesday gun!

  4. Jeffrey Le says:

    Damn it, Jim. You said Keymod was the best… Now I am going to miss everywhere.

  5. http://milspecmonkey.com/dump/navsea-bro-001.jpg

    NAVSEA: Hey, Bro! Can I Borrow that rifle real quick?

  6. Kyle says:

    I wonder if I can knock that flat brim hat off his head from here?

  7. Will Chalko says:

    wait, maybe she didn’t want me to head out when she said “do whatever you want. go to the range.”….

  8. Andy says:

    Big hunk of meat and his long, deadly extender.

  9. JBar says:

    Hmmm…. how can I explain this in Army terms

  10. Bob says:

    Think they’re gonna do something about their yard?

  11. battlestage says:

    “How can I do this and still look cool for Instagram? Tactical prone!”

  12. Mark says:

    Hey, is that Jim Comey walking through the woods with Hilary?

  13. Iceman says:

    Drakes Haus

  14. Ted says:

    “What on earth is he doing to that goat!”

  15. JKifer says:

    “I wonder how many of my America loving, bacon eating, coffee drinking readers will notice that Im wearing my recently posted Patagonia R1 while enjoying throwing freedom pills and hate downrange… and ponder to themselves as to the duality of man presented in this picture..”

  16. tazman66gt says:

    “Shit, was that 3 clicks or 4? And was that left or right?

  17. Mike Nomad says:

    …with a target, the soldier brings the rifle up to his shoulder and quickly fires a single shot. His firing eye looks through or just over the rear sight aperture…

    Hooked it again… WTF?

  18. cy says:

    The look you give when just realized you sharted yourself at the range. Priceless

    • cy says:

      The look you give when you just realized you sharted yourself at the range.

  19. SLG says:

    “If I had BUIS, I’d still be shooting.”

  20. Blue2Green says:

    Was that an African or European swallow I shot? Spotter did you calculate its airspeed velocity before the hit?

  21. JW says:

    Cerakoted AR-15: $2,000
    Fancy Optic: $1,300
    Gun Muffler: $900
    High Speed Jacket: $400
    That moment you realize the only time your wife doesn’t gripe about you going shooting with the boys is when the 18 yr old Latino neighbor offers to trim the hedges: Priceless

  22. Dan says:

    Is it the wife’s birthday today….

  23. MM says:

    “I smell varmint poontang, and the only good varmint poontang, is dead varmint poontang, I think. “

  24. cy says:

    Really!! Did that mall ninja just ask me if I could give him some gear so he can do a gear review on youtube!

  25. Ernest Walk says:

    If I stay very still, maybe the snake will slither back out.

  26. Lcon says:

    … Damn… I locked the Keys in the Truck..

  27. R.S. says:

    “Thinking Grave thoughts…”

  28. N8 says:

    Was that a train whistle?

  29. Garlin says:

    Elmer said that wascally wabbit was here somewhere.

  30. Paul T. says:

    “Maybe I should load the rifle next time before lining up for that 500 yard shot…”

  31. Disco says:

    “This American Life”

  32. Stevefrench says:

    Life is good !!!

  33. Jim says:

    “Now where did I put the damn magazine?”

  34. HK says:

    Feinstein’s normally home by now…

  35. Preacher says:

    KitBadger and SamHill got the two best ones til now!
    Give both some patch.

    “Why got my POI shifted 3 MOA on the +y axis …”
    Words of a guy, first time shooting without hearing protection 😉

  36. thejm says:

    I think I hit one, Jeb. You oughta heard him holler!

  37. Andrew says:

    I know there is a target out there somewhere I just cant see it !!!!!!!!

  38. Stewpidbear says:

    Perhaps using my KCRF patch as the target was a bloody stupid thing to do……

  39. Hubb says:

    Bro…my shirt is made of American wool…Berry compliant…limited-edition run…don’t even ask…you can’t afford it anyways Bro!

  40. Linz says:

    “I’m pretty sure that wasn’t anyone I knew. Probably.”

  41. FilthyAstronaut says:

    “It can’t be true…..did he……he was such a nice neighbor……there is no way he killed his wife.”

  42. 6.8 pumper says:

    “Where are all the zombies that I was promised were coming?”

  43. Gerard says:

    This is getting too easy I need to back of another 500m

  44. AGL Bob says:

    “I wish I would’ve brought my lunch.”

  45. Boxrdadd says:


  46. Ben says:

    “Shoot, was I supposed to shoot that guy or save him… Lets just back out of this spot nice and slow. No one will notice him missing!”

  47. Adam says:

    hmm… What would Jack Bauer do?

  48. Dutch K says:

    Magazines……………magazines…………….I’m sure I threw some damn magpuls in the range box!

  49. John Smith says:

    Dutch Barn hunting requires hours of patience and silent reflection….few get this close….

  50. Drier Duck says:

    That look you make when your not sure if the flight time is longer than you thought or you’re just missing.