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Join Quantico Tactical In Supporting The Duskin & Stephens Foundation

What is the Duskin & Stephens Foundation?
The Duskin & Stephens Foundation was setup and is operated by team members of CW2 “Big Mike” Duskin and SFC Riley Stephens who were KIA in the Fall of 2012 in Afghanistan. The foundation supports the families and provides private educational opportunities for children of Special Operations Soldiers Killed In Action (KIA).

How Did the Duskin & Stephens Foundation Start and Who Runs it?
In 2013, after their teammates Mike Duskin and Riley Stephens were killed in action in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, two active duty Green Berets struggled with the best way to honor the memory and support the families of their fallen brothers.

What started as a plan to buy a keg, grill hamburgers and hotdogs and tell stories about Duskin and Stephens to their families, morphed into a highly organized community event, attended by over 1,000 Special Forces Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Airmen & their families and raised over $84,000.

This one event grew into the Duskin and Stephens Foundation, a non-profit organization with multiple annual events that support the families of fallen members of Special Operations Forces and the educational needs of children of Special Operations Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

The annual Duskin & Stephens “Beef & Beer” event is held the Thursday before Memorial Day at the Pinehurst Fair Barn and attracts over 2,500 people from the Fort Bragg area Special Operations Community and their Supporters.

Why is Duskin & Stephens Different?
We have all grown tired of “Charities” which seem to have highly paid staff who spend money on extravagant trips with little money left over for those they purport to support. That is NOT Duskin & Stephens Foundation.

Duskin & Stephens is a true grass roots organiztion. 100% of the event is planned by active duty soldiers, their spouses and supporters, 100% of the items are donated by the surrounding community and 100% of the proceeds are given back to support the families of Special Forces Soldiers Killed In Action, mainly through private education of their children.

But Don’t All Troops KIA Deserve to be Honored and Their Families Supported?Absolutely. Quantico Tactical has chosen to make a difference by supporting the Duskin & Stephens Foundation which local to our Corp HQ and is part of our community. We encourage our customers, friends and family to find and support local grass-roots organizations to honor our fallen brothers/sisters and support their families. If you are unable to do so, we ask that your consider supporting Duskin & Stephens

What is Quantico Tactical Doing to Help?
Quantico Tactical is doing the following to help Duskin & Stephens:
-Donating 100% of our Store & Web Gross Profits from 25 May to 29 May to the Founation
-Coordinated with S&W, SIG Sauer and Beretta to Donate Weapons for the Beef & Beer Silent Auction. Special thanks to S&W, Sig and Beretta for donating the weapons.
-Special Thanks to Big Rock Sports who showed up at our corp HQ yesterday with two un-solicated Browning X-Bolt Rifles for the silent auction.
-Coordinated with Surefire to provide custom cups for the Beef & Beer
Assist in Planning of the Beef & Beer
-Taking Our Smoker of Awesomeness to Feed over 500 attendees at the Beef & Beer

What Can I Do to Help?
Glad You Asked!
-If in the Pinehurst/Ft Bragg Area, Attend the Beef and Beer
Buy a Beef & Beer T-Shirt
-Shop at a Quantico Tactical store or on their website
Buy and Duskin & Stephens Custom Benchmade Knife
Make a Donation

Duskin & Stephen’s Website duskinandstephens.org

Duskin & Stephen’s Facebook Page www.facebook.com/duskinandstephens

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