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Sneak Peek – Lifestraw Universal

Lifestraw will soon be releasing the Lifestraw Universal.

It’s an adapter kit that allows you to turn your favorite water bottle into an instant water filter. The kit provides caps compatible with the most popular bottle brands including Nalgene, Camelbak, Hydro Flask, Kleen Kanteen, Under Armour, and even Gatorade.

The 2-stage filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa while also reducing chemicals and bad taste or odors.



9 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Lifestraw Universal”

  1. DAFUQ says:

    Well – actually, after LifeStraw was some “weirdo” Crowdfunding in the sence of everybody was unaware of what it really filters and drunk his own urine with it, they now turn to put out some good products, uhm?
    They released some gravity filter, which looks pretty good just by looking at it. Saying so because “back to my times”, when you wanted many A+++ Benefits, you needed to screw together some own silnylon bag, with some Sawyer/Source/Camelbak adapters, build some prefilter out of some mesh (f.e. 80ยตm SS), threw in some biological filter like the Sawyer Mini, and than put some active cole after it like the Geigeerig In-Line Virus Filter. By the way – still running that system. 1L/10 mins, Biological down to Viruses all done, chemical decresed by the nice Block filter. Works for 400L “A+” Water and weights in at 200grams, enaugh for everybody who is less out than 100 days a year… which is every weekend 2 full days. So – LifeStraws Gravity Combi got even more lifetime on the active cole! Now they lunch this product: Hope to see that it will weight less and will be able to be modular to use it as gravity filter too without to many adapters. By the way, the solution I propsed up there is plug and play with Source/Camelbak/Geigeerig etc.

    • Derrick says:

      Where does boiling water rank on the scale of safe drinking water? Is a filter system always necessary, or can someone just boil the water for 5 minutes for a similar result?

      • Pete says:

        Boiling water will kill 100% of bacteria and virus, BUT, it’s a serious PITA and takes time (and fire). For some situations it may be practical, but it is by no means fast or convenient. It becomes less and less so as volume increases (necessitating larger fires, larger container to boil water with (eg single walled metal or glass).

        Also, Boiling does nothing to deal with heavy mineral contamination. That said, neither does UV light treatment (steri-pens), Iodine Tablets (or other “add chemical to kill bugs” solutions), or most filters.

  2. DAFUQ says:

    Ah, I forgot: I am Europene! No need to filter our tap water. You guys in the USA and South America should do for sure filter even the tap water. Cl, F, you know your chemistry ๐Ÿ˜‰
    So if you plan on filtering somewhere around 3L a day, better go with an upscaled solution than mine.

    • Dellis says:

      What makes Euro tap water any different? Ya’ll still deal with water that needs to be treated. It’s not like you have a fresh underground spring you tap into…well hell you just might be that blessed yourself but not everyone.

      Also, since there is no rampant health issues with people here on this side of the pond drinking plain ol tap water I feel it’s fairly safe. Now that being said, I personally never drink tap water. I have a filtration system.

      • Ed says:

        He’s probably referring to the Fluoride they put in the water over there as per Adolf’s recommendation to make the “people” nice an obedient! Same reason most of them are “cucked” and can’t stand up for themselves! How your knee’s feel “Dafuq”???

        • Dellis says:

          My wife swears fluoride in drinking water is root cause of this snowflake gender bender generation. She could be right

  3. Gerard says:

    This is a mandatory addition to my Bug Out Bag

  4. Pete says:

    “…most popular bottle brands including Nalgene, Camelbak, Hydro Flask, Kleen Kanteen, Under Armour, and even Gatorade.”

    And once again, no USGI/NATO canteen adapter…

    I really wish somebody would combine this concept with the SOURCE Hydration “Convertube” concept and include a USGI/NATO canteen adapter. This would allow straws and filters to be used on 1qt & 2 qt canteens (as well as 2L SADF bottles), Nalgenes, Hydroflasks, and std 28mm PET (bulk pack water bottles) which are by far the most commonly seen water sources (in the US military at least). I emailed SOURCE about adding a canteen adapter, but they didn’t seem too interested.