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You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

6 Responses to “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up”

  1. Jack Boothe says:

    So HRT had been around for almost 35 years now. How many hostages have they successfully rescued during thst times? About the only time I read about them in the press is when something goes wrong and civilian(s) get get killed (Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc). I cannot believe just those events where things have gone sideways are the only instances where they are deployed and yet they are still funded by the taxpayer. Does anyone know of a well researched peer reviewed journal article or monograph that provides an unbiased historical account of their employment and their many successes to counter misconceptions about HRT?

    • Kango says:

      There has been a few high profile successful missions within the past few years. I’m sure you can google them.

    • Lex says:

      “Does anyone know of a well researched peer reviewed journal article…”

      (Un)fortunately, some units are better at keeping their mouths shut than others.
      Nor is Quantitative Studies of Operator Effectiveness an actual journal.

      Also: Despite the name, hostage rescue isn’t their primary mission.

  2. WhiskyTango says:

    Jack you should do some research before you post ignorant comments.