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Recon Active Rings


Recon Active Rings is a Veteran-owned company which specializes in silicone active rings. “Designed for active lifestyles and truly kinetic individuals,” Recon Rings are great for wearing when exercising, and even for situations, such as operating heavy machinery, where a traditional wedding band can get caught. Additionally, a portion of the money from the sale of each Recon ring will be donated amongst several military affiliated, non-profit 501(c)3 organizations with a focus on helping veterans and their families.



6 Responses to “Recon Active Rings”

  1. For when the Minister of Finance asks why on earth would you take your wedding ring off! 😉

  2. WmW says:

    As USAF Aircrew, I think this is awesome.

    • Tim L says:

      These rings are still technically against the regs since they just say rings will not be worn on the flight line and do not specifically say metal rings. I still wore my Qalo ring on most flights, as did most of the crew members I knew that wore silicone rings, but I did have STAN/EVAL tell me to take it off.


  3. STEPAN1983 says:

    As I said before – with classic metal ring you can tear off your finger, with the silicone ring you can break your finger. No ring is the only real safe way

    • Fah says:

      Break your finger with a silicone ring? Yeah right….

      You are talking about a silicone ring with less than 20lb’s of tensile strength that weakens with use / time / environment.

      Maybe you are out of touch with how these things are made, especially how they are made to break, not break you.

      Either that or you need a padded keyboard for those gentle keystrokes.