Kickstarter – BackCountry Navigator XE: Outdoor GPS On iOS & Android

BackCountry Navigator XE is a Kickstarter project for mobile outdoor navigation software. The creator, Nathan Mellor, developed the original BackCountry Navigator app, which has been the #1 Maps & Navigation app on the Google Play Store for the past 6 years. In addition to improving the BackCountry Navigator app with the XE version, it will also be available on both iOS and the Web, in addition to Android.

Feature wise, the BackCountry Navigator XE app will feature a wide selection of maps, including topo maps, marine charts, and aerial photography. Overlays will also be provided, such as BLM Boundary maps, property maps, trail maps, and lake map contours, and offline storage of maps will be facilitated with a grid-based organization.

Additional features will include vector topo maps, cloud-based editing, and sharing of routes via links. Plus, as GPS isn’t tied to cellular and data coverage, users can download required maps and use their mobile devices’ on-board GPS to provide location tracking.


2 Responses to “Kickstarter – BackCountry Navigator XE: Outdoor GPS On iOS & Android”

  1. Bushman says:

    No single word about user-created custom maps/overlays, even for the highest level membership. Fortunately, there are other, fully flexible apps, without redundant subscription bundles.

  2. 92FH7 says:

    I’ve used Backcountry Navigator a lot when I’m hiking. I’ve bought all the upgrades for the current version. I’ll be checking out this kickstarter to see what he’s upgrading.