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Grey Ghost Precision G19 Builder’s Kit Giveaway

Man, the Glock is becoming the AR-15 of the handgun world with all these aftermarket products blowing up. Now more than ever, you could throw together a G19 in your garage with minimal tools. Case in point:



Grey Ghost Precision is hosting a giveaway contest, and it looks like they brought some friends to the party. Polymer80, CMC Triggers, and Weapon Outfitters are pitching in to offer up three DIY pistol kits. With a dremel, drill and elbow grease you could put your own psuedo Glock 19 frame together. Just top it off with a GGP Slide and Barrel (match grade) and you are ready to send lead downrange.

Looks like its hosted on the GGP Facebook Page, but you can easily enter the giveaway without wandering into the abyss of FB land with this link.



The specs of the giveaway are on the graphic below. It ends on the 30th, with winners announced on Halloween, presumably thru email and the FB pages. Its like Trick-Or-Treat, for adults!


5 Responses to “Grey Ghost Precision G19 Builder’s Kit Giveaway”

  1. Mark says:

    I thought that the Poly80 frames were only compatible with Gen 3 slides, while that Grey Ghost slide in the kit looks like it is sized for Gen 4 guide rods.

    Am I missing something?

  2. Craig Delanater says:

    how do i get the kit