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Greyhive Training Brief, Episodes 2 and 3

The Training Brief is a weekly video series released every Wednesday on the Greyhive website and YouTube channel. The episodes feature various Greyhive Experts and SMEs who cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from mental performance to specific shooting and tactics elements. Each episode is 5 to 8 minutes and contains narrowly focused content.

The goal of the Training Brief videos is to deliver knowledge to our community that is relevant, actionable and cerebral.

Episodes 2 and 3: Mental Performance

Dr. Seth Haselhuhn, SOCOM Mental Performance Coach, discusses training and the mental performance aspects that determine each shooter’s success with Drew Estell of BAER Solutions. This is a multi-part series that covers many topics within mental performance and the psychology of successful shooters.

Seth Haselhuhn, Ph.D.
Doc has been working with SOF units for several years and has been instrumental in improving the shooting, decision-making, training, and overall performance of soldiers on and off the battlefield.

Drew Estell
SOF Veteran specializing in training shooters in rifle and pistol by giving the why and how, not just leading students through drills. Individual shooters, individual solutions.

To access all Training Brief videos and additional free articles, go to Greyhive.


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