Arms Cove Creates A Marketplace Tailored To Artisan Weapon Crafters And Small Manufacturers

November 2017 – Frederick, CO – Arms Cove, LLC, creator of the only weapons friendly marketplace for manufacturers of all sizes as well as home-based artisan weapon crafters, announces it is open for listings.


Arms Cove was created by people who work in the firearms industry and recognized the need for a marketplace where small company’s and home-based, artisan weapon crafters can list their products. After hearing from multiple companies having their listings removed from the big online marketplaces. Arms Cove was created. “The American dream of owning your own business and making a profit should not be limited by the big online market places” says John Cantrell Owner of Arms Cove.

Arms Cove goes the distance to make sure that the transaction process from the vendor to the consumer is safe and secure. They use only credit card processors that are weapon and firearm friendly and top tier website security so you can rest assured your transactions are safe. There will be a separate section for resellers soon, as well as an auction site for individual items. Arms Cove fully vets each vendor upon setup to make sure they are listing their products in the correct categories and have sufficient information for the consumer in their listings.

The people at Arms Cove are here to help. Depending on your location in the U.S., someone from Arms Cove can travel to your house, garage, shop, or business and list your products for you. These guys know how busy entrepreneurs and business owners are and can help with each step of the vendor setup and product listing process. The company also uses their social media pages to highlight vendors’ products and help drive traffic to the site.

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