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Morphcooker – An Electric Camp Stove, Now On Kickstarter


Billed as the “swiss army knife of stoves”, the electric Morphcooker was developed after the inventor’s father was burned by a faulty gas stove.


Featuring an internal, rechargeable battery, Morphcooker is made from silicone sides and stainless steel frame.




14 Responses to “Morphcooker – An Electric Camp Stove, Now On Kickstarter”

  1. Jeremy P says:

    Battery Life: 500hrs


    • Jeremy P says:

      Like, asian water buffalo sized bullshit. If they’ve actually designed a battery that powerful and efficient, they should be off making trillions of dollars revolutionizing the world with their insane mini-fusion batteries.

      “Oh, it’s 500hrs turned ON, but not heating anything.”
      “So 500hrs of powering a single LED.”

      • Billiam says:

        I wonder if they phrased it incorrectly — like the total life of the battery is 500 hours, meaning it can do 500 hours of work (but not on a single charge) before you have to scrap the battery and get a new one.

        • Jeremy P says:

          That is a pointless and misleading thing to advertise. This is purely deceptive marketing.

          • Feathers McGraw says:

            it is not pointless to say that a single battery will replace the need to buy and use 150 canisters of gas if you want to make a point that the stove is more economical and saving for the environment.

        • mike says:

          likely, as there’s no way on earth the battery could charge for two hours and run for 500hrs

          Also relevant: most companies don’t post numbers on how many “heat ups” one can get per gas/battery/etc because there are WAY too many variables. Altitude, personal preference, surrounding temperature, etc make any stab at giving a time the battery will last between charges pretty useless. I would assume half an hour at best on a full charge, as that’s about average for Jetboil pods at sea level in the 60s-70s F.

          • Billiam says:

            Mike — a cogent point, I would assume the 500 hours was probably reached in a laboratory testing environment for the maximum number of cycles from the battery?

    • Feathers McGraw says:

      are you people serious? the way it is phrased it is clear that the battery will run for 1-3 hours on one charge, and that the total lifespan on the battery is 500 hours(equivalent to 150 gas canisters).

      • Sam says:

        What he said above…. looks like some should use whats left on that GiBill for some remedial english classes 🙂

  2. Ronny says:

    When you NEED warm food or to get warm, this will be terrible. Batteries, perticulary lipo which I guess this is, dont do well at +5C or lower freezing temps. And smal lipos are worse. In cloudy weather you wont be able to use a solar charger either, even worse in rain or such so dont count on that. Carrying plenty of batteries and trying to keep them warm and dry is not really fun.

    And yes. I have way more experience of batteries with different types, size and current demands in standard Nordic climate year round due to need than I want.

    But if your idea of hiking is summertime in nice weather and day trip? Might work fine. But thats to limited use for me to bother.

    • Erik says:

      Yeah brother, this will be awesome for me and my family to use when camping during the summer. Ofcourse mostly when the sun shines.

  3. Paul J says:

    It’s an hoax, like the “triton”.

  4. Pete says:

    Phrasing seems pretty clear to me – 1h10m on low, 1hr on med, 1/2 hr on high. total expected battery life – 500hrs (which is odd, since lithium batteries are usually quoted as geting ~1000 charge cycles. Battery charge time 2 hrs on AC, 7 hrs off their solar adapter. All sounds neat, but what I really want to know is what the plug between the battery and the heater is – and what the draw is. In other words, can I hook this thing up to my cell phone charger? An X90 battery w/ USB adapter? Does it need their special 26oz battery? How does that thing charge?