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I Need A Bunch Of These In My Life

Killing communists shouldn’t just be a Cold War thing. It’s a great tradition we need to bring back.

IMG_6119Inglorious Amateurs offers this magnificent sticker. I can think of a lot of places these should go.


20 Responses to “I Need A Bunch Of These In My Life”

  1. Chuck says:

    People of every color
    Marching side to side
    Marching across these fields
    Where a million commies die
    You’re bound to lose
    You commies bound to lose!

  2. MK262 MOD1 says:

    Somebody put one of these on Spenser Rapone’s car bumper (or better yet, jail cell).

  3. Bob says:

    Except Afghanistan would have been better off if the Commies had won. Equality for women and no jihadists.

    • SSD says:

      Where the he’ll did you go to school? You do realize that Afghanistan was a major contributing factor leading to the demise of that communist bulwark, Soviet Russia?

      • Bob says:

        No, it wasn’t, the USSR was fundamentally flawed. Afghanistan had little to do with its disolution. Besides which, that really doesn’t address whether Afganistan would have been better off.

        • SSD says:

          Afghanistan had plenty to do with its demise. Despite being fundamentally flawed it took over 70 years to bring it down. The last 10 of those, the USSR was involved in Afghanistan.

          The thing you are missing is that Afghanistan was a communist country. Like the Soviets, it didn’t last.

    • Chuck says:

      Your argument misses the point. Afghanistan was on its way to those very things before the Soviets invaded. The Soviet invasion set the stage for over 30 years of war and hardship and set the conditions for the Taliban to fill the vacuum after the Soviets left.

  4. Adam says:

    As an old Stinger Gunner/Team Chief these are awesome, first time I’ve seen anything like this. Everyone needs a MANPAD Sticker in there life for sure.

  5. BillC says:

    I wish they would say on their website size and quantities of the stickers.

  6. IA HQS says:

    Thanks for the pick up! Also, thanks for the tip on info about the actual stickers. We’ve updated the site, though it won’t allow us to put remaining numbers up. We have around 25 left but can get more rather quickly. The stickers are 4”x3”. Regards!

  7. don says:

    when I want to fetishize the arming and training of OG taliban and jihad militants I’ll simply go back to the Middle East and continue to get shot at by them. This is stupid as hell.

    hurrdurr Jihadists are good when they murder my enemies.

  8. Joshua says:

    anti-communism is so 1950s and i might add stupid AF.

    • SSD says:

      Anti-communism is very much in the NOW, thanks to mouth breathers who think it is “stupid AF”.

      Warming up the helo, care for a ride?

      • Joshua says:

        “Warming up the helo”… can you get any more crypto-fascist? It’s pretty obvious you got most of your education masturbating to Soldier of Fortune when you were a little child, which explains your childish fascination with “getting the commies”. You do realize the US fought a war against fascists, and the fascists lost? And what of these terrible communist regimes:
        Cuba: they kicked out a brutal and corrupt warlord and vastly improved healthcare and education for the Cuban people, but you’d prefer they had remained oppressed (contrary to the Green Berets slogan which you probably also jerk off to).
        Vietnam: defeated two global powers (France and US) to remain an independent country, again vastly improved living conditions for the people, doubled their life expectancy in fact, but ya let’s “kill commies”. Grow up you little childish ammosexual and get your head in the real world. Helicopter rides, wanna know what the Partisans did with fascist idiots after WW2? They executed them.

        • SSD says:

          I’m a fascist? My, won’t that be a surprise to my wife.

          You poor, confused thing. History, it’s a thing, even if you didn’t learn about it.

          After we beat the Nazis, we watched the commies murder their own, and then we killed some too. Eventually, their unsustainable system imploded.

          Now, the oppression of communism only remains in a few corners of the world. Of course, you wouldn’t go there. Instead, you sit in the warm blanket of security provided by a capitalist system.

        • TWW says:

          Stupid AF huh? We made a sticker for that too…?#??????SS??

          • Holodomor says:

            Good lord are these post modernist commie lovers stupid. They trust statistics published by totalitarian regimes like they were anything other than propaganda. Like industrial slavery is A OK as long as the slaves have “free” health care. Did you also know that in North Korean the average life expectancy is 150 years and that infant mortality is 0.00000001 per billion? It must be true cuz a commie said so