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Snow Peak – Titanium Mini Fork


Weighing less than an ounce yeah, you read that right), the new Titanium Mini Fork is 4.5 inches long.


It will also fit in their Ti-Mini Solo cooking set.



3 Responses to “Snow Peak – Titanium Mini Fork”

  1. Baldwin says:

    So freakin’ tiny…you might as well just use your fingers. Friends don’t let friends SBR their forks!

  2. TMedina says:

    Have one – really disappointed. The old mini-spork was so much better. The mini-fork wouldn’t be so bad if there was more of a dip in the body, since we eat everything with spoons anyway.

  3. darrel says:

    Yeah, I think I’ll stick with my Snow Peak Titanium Spork, I’ve been very happy with it. The finish is good stuff. I use toaks titanium pots over snow peak though.

    I’m pretty inexperienced with field cooking with a multifuel stove, but I can say I’ve already burned myself plenty of times with an extra long spork, there’s no way I’d want to put my hand that close to the pot with a fork that small!