Streamlight Stinger 2020

GAOS 18 –


One of the best ways to support the non-profit is to buy some swag. Every year, they come up with a new, innovative medallion and this year is no disappointment.


The reverse has a Lakota Sioux inscription which translates to, “shoot the enemy in the face.” Additionally, on either side, the head dress bears the Army and Marine Corps Sniper symbols.

This thing has got some heft to it and features a channel down the middle to run a cord through it.

Make sure you stop by if you’re at the show and pick something up.


2 Responses to “GAOS 18 –”

  1. Frogman says:

    Never any love for the us long gun toting mamma jammas in the Navy!

  2. Badzilla says:

    Just scoured the website, couldn’t find this!