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Law Industries Kneeboard

UK-based Law Industries makes SERE and recce equipment. Their LI Kneeboard is designed to sit on your knee allowing a solid writing surface for your Fieldnotes or Moleskine notepad.

Think of it as a hard surface when you need one. They offer several customization options, so check out their site to learn more.


6 Responses to “Law Industries Kneeboard”

  1. shua says:

    Cool Idea but I will just buy a one dollar cutting board and glue velcro on the back.

    • SSD says:

      At what these guys are charging, I don’t think you’ll put them out of business by making this a DIY project.

      • shua says:

        I do not disagree, it is also a real good idea but I know I have the stuff around and it would be easier. I love this blog and what you do, been following for a long time. Super glad I managed to steal you attention for a minute.
        Do you think we could get the machine gun ban lifted in the 7 years under Trump?