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Aura Mask Available From ITS Tactical

The Aura is a flat-folded and lightweight N95 respirator mask from 3M that’s perfect for storing in any emergency kit! The N95 designation means it’s resistant to airborne biological particles, as well as fluid resistant against blood and other infectious materials.

The flat-fold design of the 3M Aura mask ensures it packs well into a bag or vehicle and stays protected when transported. The durable rubber headbands and cushioning nose foam ensure the mask remains comfortable, even after prolonged periods of use.


3 Responses to “Aura Mask Available From ITS Tactical”

  1. Seamus says:

    Just be sure to try it on and really make sure it fits correctly. As a Physican Assistant, I have work at several hospitals that require that N95 masks very similar to this one be sized, fitted and checked by usually by he Occupational Health department within the hospital. They start by having measuring the personas face then donning a mask and attempt to smell certain aromatic substances and non-hazardous smoke to ensure proper fit. It was actually a more involved process than I originally thought and the first two masks that I tried did not entirely seal out the smoke and odors like I thought they would. That said an N95 mask with a really good fit, but not perfect, is still worlds better than your T-shirt. It all depends on what you are trying to do with it.

  2. Adun says:

    Seamus is correct, N95s are still respirators and need to be fit tested just like a half face or full face elastomeric respirator would. This is not a “dust mask” as it is assessed and approved by NIOSH as a respirator. Everyone has different face shapes, it is about buying what fits you the best, not just which product is the “best” on paper.

  3. Northeast_Major_City says:

    I prefer the green N95’s.
    Those white folding ones can be found on eBay a box of 20 for $16.20 free shipping.