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SKD Tactical Memorial Day Sale

We live in a place and time where we are further and further detached from the harsh reality of conflict… conflict that is often necessary to ensure the Freedoms that many in America so sadly take for granted.

Memorial Day affords us another opportunity to remember the sacrifice and celebrate the lives of those who have died protecting those Freedoms.

So while we take part in this time-honored tradition of the Memorial Day Sale, please take a moment to remember The Fallen.

This year we will be contributing 5% of every Memorial Day Sale order towards the family of a recently fallen Special Operations soldier via SOC-F. If you are one of the few people who don’t know about SOC-F, you need to look them up because they are a 100% volunteer organization that puts 100% of the hard-earned money of all of it’s generous contributors directly to the families of Fallen Special Operations Soldiers and their respective causes. We will also be providing all customers an opportunity to contribute as well.

Discount automatically applied at checkout. Excludes Multitasker & Packages. Same-Day & Next-Day Shipping Guarantees Suspended.The SKD Memorial Day Sale ends at 23:59 CST on Memorial Day (Monday, May 28, 2018).

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