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SOFIC 18 – Scalable Offensive Hand Grenade by Nammo

In our USSOCOM Small Arms Modernization Update post a few weeks ago you may have noticed a slide depicting the Scalable Offensive Hand Grenade.

This concussion grenade is made by Nammo and consists of up to three modules and traditional spoon-style initiator which can combined to offer the desired effect.

Effects, it has aplenty. To visualize what this hand grenade offers, think about a small wooden shed that you’d buy at Home Depot. If you use just one module, you’ll blow the door open and the windows out. Select two modules and you’ll knock the shed off its foundation. But screw on all three sections and the real magic happens; you’ll transform the shed into splinters.



11 Responses to “SOFIC 18 – Scalable Offensive Hand Grenade by Nammo”

  1. MM says:

    That is certainly a cool idea. From the instruction manual:

    “The maximum number of modules shall be three. No more. Three shalt be the largest number, and the number shalt be three. Four thou shalt not assemble; two is allowed, and one more to make three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then the Holy Pin shalt be removed, and the Hand Grenade lobbest towards thy foe.”

  2. Chris says:

    Who’s gonna be the first 18C who tries to make a spear grenade out of 15 of these things? We all know it’s gonna happen, and its either gonna be tragic or amazing.

  3. Alex says:

    Reminds me of LEGO mini figure heads stacked together lol.

  4. Linz says:

    Not a new idea by any means.
    The ADI F1 was meant to be modular before the do-gooders heard of it.

  5. BS says:

    Rheinmetall Expandable handgrenade 08 (ehgr08) was shown few years back. (around 2010 IIRC)