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Malicious Actor Targeting Private Vendors Through GSA STARS II by E-Mail Spoofing  

This is an advisory sent out by the Defense Logistics Agency. We share it verbatim.

A fake solicitation purporting to be from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for a “REQUEST FOR QUOTATION” has been targeting GSA STARS II vendors in the public sector.

The e-mails are not from DLA.MIL – The e-mail may appear to be from DLA on first glance; however, the “Reply-To” address of the fake e-mails ends with a “@dla-mil.us” extension. In some cases, “[email protected]” has been identified to supposedly send messages on behalf of a DLA Contract Specialist – these are also fake.

Some e-mails suggest the companies use the “stars2” Google Group “https://groups.google.com/a/americanconsultants.com” for more information or to unsubscribe from the e-mail communication. The “stars2” group is NOT a DLA affiliated group.

To view full details of the notice along with visual examples, please go to: www.dla.mil/Portals/104/Documents/InformationOperations

In closing, please remain vigilant and be cautious when opening attachments. The specific e-mail attachment was not identified to contain malware, but the financial risks are high if the scammer is able to get a company to send them a virtual grocery list of technical items. Be sure to contact your typical DoD point of contact when engaging business to ensure the best possible communication and safety. Questions or comments can be directed to the DLA CERT’s Fusion Cell: [email protected].


2 Responses to “Malicious Actor Targeting Private Vendors Through GSA STARS II by E-Mail Spoofing  ”

  1. Bushman says:

    Network communication safety 101.

  2. AbnMedOps says:

    I think it’s beyond time to implement a kinetic solution for internet scammers. Good warm-up exercise for The Big One of cyber war – every Nigerian Prince should look up from his keyboard and take two rounds in the face!