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Drunk Panda Clothing – M203 Blank Firing Adapter Shirt

This shirt is the M203 BLANK FIRING ATTACHMENT/ADAPTER shirt from Drunk Panda Clothing. Founder Jason a Mann, sends this note, “When I was a newly pinned PFC and had new privates in the unit right before we went to the field we had to draw weapons well PVT XX had a 203 attached so during packing I asked him where his BFA for his 203 was and I got the dumbest look and mentioned he could not go to the field without one. I had this PVT running all over and to the arms room looking for this adapter that didn’t exist and hilarity ensued from the arms room down to the platoon.”


4 Responses to “Drunk Panda Clothing – M203 Blank Firing Adapter Shirt”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Drop zone keys, canopy lights, box of grid squares and a can of K-9P. For you moldy oldies “go feed the gamma goat”.

    • some other joe says:

      And the PRC-E7/8/9, 30 ft. of gig line, BA eleven hundred November batteries, bottle of squelch oil, a one delta ten tango kit….

  2. jeffs says:

    exhaust samples from the motor pool….

  3. ShitBallDirtBreath says:

    Never mobilize until you’ve changed the air in your tires, topped off the brake light fluid, and for God’s sake don’t forget the T-R double-E. And for the multichannel commo puke (me), bring a roll of orderwire.