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Meet Tacticlip, the “Multi-tool Hair Clip for Unpredictable Lifestyles”

These days, lots of folks are wearing their hair longer, and we know several Jewish men who keep their yarmulkes in place with a hair clip, so when we found out about Tacticlip, we figured, why not share it?

It does in fact work as a hair clip, but it also incorporates several other functions:

• Hair clip

• Raptor-style pointed tip

• Serrated Edge

• Ruler

• Wick Holder

• Mini-Screwdriver


• UltraLight Weight:  3 grams

• Length: 2 inches

• Thickness: 1mm

• Serrated Teeth: 17

• Serrated Teeth Style: Shark tooth

• Materials: Spring Steel

• Color: Black – Finish will wear depending on intensity of use

To learn more, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/beauchevassus/tacticlip-multi-tool-hair-clip-for-unpredictable-l.


15 Responses to “Meet Tacticlip, the “Multi-tool Hair Clip for Unpredictable Lifestyles””

  1. yogi says:

    dont fall on/bump your head now you hear..

  2. Stu says:

    Sooo… A hair clip?

    • Strike-Hold says:

      Correction – a tactical hair clip. 😉

      • Stu says:

        A hair clip= worthless of this site’s content.
        (Sorry Eric, but I have a standard for this site. I might be from Greenbrier but I would assume you could understand what I mean.)

        Even thought, sadly, Great Bridge is becoming better by the second.

  3. Maskirovka says:

    It’s a hair *magazine* not a “clip.” Fudds! 😉

  4. Stefan S. says:

    Your daughter will be expelled since the serrated edge will be labeled a weapon. Just pointing to the absurdity of government run education.

    • jon says:

      I was thinking about that- my girl is young and just starting school, but that’s the only way I’d buy one of these is for her if she were walking home or something…but then thinking about how often my girls lose hair clips/wear them…and the school probably banning it because it’s a weapon..that would make it a no buy for me.

  5. Bad Dancer says:

    Teaching greyman young I suppose. Remove tacti from it or place on an inside edge and it would be a decent eye gouge/hold out item.

    No different from teaching your niece/daughter/what have you to pop ears or soccer shin kick.

  6. Ex11A says:

    Horshack…paging Dr. Horshack.

  7. Frogman says:

    I would much rather have my daughter carry a sharp pencil than this piece of crap if I was worried about her walking home in the wrong parts of town. Plus she wouldn’t get expelled.

  8. AbnMedOps says:

    Needs more titanium.

  9. Big_Juju says:

    Totally buying one ‘cause I’ve always wanted to say, “and then I killed him with my barrette.”