Biolite Headlamp 330 Available Now

Weighing in at just 69 grams (2.43 ounces), the Biolite Headlamp 330 features 3D SlimFit Construction. This incorporates a 3D-molded housing which encapsulates the electronics directly into the fabric for a SUPER thin front that sits flush on your forehead. This, combined with the power source mounted to the rear, results in a balanced, no bounce design.

The rechargeable light offers 330 lumens in the following modes: dimmable white spot, dimmable white flood, red flood, and strobe. Plus the panel articulates easily with one hand so you can direct your light where you need it. You’ll get 3 hours on HIGH and 40 hours on LOW per charge.

Available in four colors.

In honor of the launch, you’ll get free shipping of the headlamp today with code FREESHIP.

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