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Hill People Gear – Decker Pack Frame

Hill People Gear has just announced a pack frame based on their proven 300lb load capable Ute / qui-Ya chassis. The Decker Pack Frame includes a robust compression system and bottom capture flap.

It doesn’t have an integrated pack bag which makes it easier to carry awkward items that wouldn’t fit inside of a pack bag such as jerry cans, fenceposts, or moose quarters.  The Decker Frame will also accept any of HPG’s interchangeable back pockets in place of its own center panel for small item storage and organization. It expands on the modularity found in the rest of the HPG lineup by allowing the user to also use anything they want as a pack bag — from an ultralight silnylon dry sack, to an oversized seam welded dry bag, to the old duffel bag in the garage. This versatility makes the Decker Pack Frame a good choice for people who want lots of modularity in a single system, or who have load requirements that fall outside the boundaries of a more traditional pack.

For more information and pricing, you can check out the Decker Pack Frame on Hill People Gear’s website:

The Decker Pack Frame and a couple of other components will make their physical debut at the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo this weekend in Salt Lake City. For more information on the event, go to its website at

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