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Help Vic Ramos Beat Cancer

We received some bad news. Vic Ramos has recently been hospitalized and unfortunately has been diagnosed with cancer. As you can imagine, he’s staring treatment immediately. His friends have started a Go Fund Me page in hopes to take care of some of his bills.

He will be being treated at Scripps in Encinitas and the prognosis looks good at this point. More testing is needed and that should be started this week.

If you know Vic he will get thru this, as he calls it, “Adventure”. If you can help it would be appreciated.


3 Responses to “Help Vic Ramos Beat Cancer”

  1. Will says:

    Vic is a helluva good guy. Speedy recovery brother!

  2. Lad says:

    Having to do a GoFundMe to have some hope of surviving cancer is fucked up. He’s lucky he’s god friends with blogs and a large follower to do outreach on his behalf. Not everyone is so lucky.

    Godspeed brother!

  3. Brian Montgomery says:

    Just donated! Speedy recovery Vic!