C Sq, AWG Conducts Pre-Mission Training

While rumors of the Army pulling the plug on the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) have been around since it’s founding, it’s still here, and I recommend that hard-charging NCOs seek a tour with this unique unit.


Members assigned to Charlie Squadron, Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), conducts Pre-Mission Training (PMT) designed to enhance advisory assistants to Brigade Combat Teams and lethality at Fort A.P. Hill, Va, Mar. 11, 2019. Pre-Mission Training ensures Operational Advisors, Technical Advisors and Enablers are trained and proficient in marksmanship; mobility; communication; medical; driver’s training; C-IED; sUAS; and heavy weapon operations in order to deploy in support of AWG’s missions. AWG provides global operational advisory support to U.S. Army forces to rapidly transfer current threat based observations and solutions (TTPs) to tactical and operational Army commanders in order to defeat emerging asymmetric threats and enhance multi-domain effectiveness. Bottom line, AWG advises blue forces (BLUFOR) on best practices across a range of military operations with current and relevant information while scouting threat TTPs and gaining context of operational environments to support the fielded force and help units win.


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