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ParaDry Systems Launches a New Website

Sanford, FL – ParaDry™ Systems, a line of motorized lifts purpose-designed to facilitate parachute maintenance and inspection, has recently launched a new website. The new site is simple and clean, emphasizing streamlined navigation for users. “People who visit paradrysystems.com want to learn about the product,” says Jack Hoffend, Sales Manager of ParaDry®Systems. “The straightforward design allows folks to move around quickly and efficiently, getting the information they need.”

The site consists of four pages: Home, Products & Services, Completed Projects, and a Contact page. The Home page pulls double duty by putting a brief yet informative description of the product line front and center, letting users skip the extra step of navigating to a separate About page. Users can also move from the Home page directly to the Products & Services and Completed Projects pages.

The Products & Services page is comprised of four sections: a section for Lift Configurations; a section for ParaRam, a specialized lift designed to handle Ram-Air chutes; a section for ParaDry®Systems’ innovative Expeditionary Tower; and a section for information about Rigging Inspection & Review. The Completed Project Page provides a succinct overview of select projects by answering who, what, when, and where. The final page, the Contact page, makes available expected information like fax, phone, and physical address. It is also a simple online form giving users the opportunity to get in touch with the company. Users can safely upload files such as drawings and photos to get a conversation moving in the right direction.

A design detail seen on the Home and Contact pages is subtly colored topographic map lines used as a background. This small detail assures users that while they may not be in familiar territory, they’ve reached someone who is. ParaDry®Systems staff is prepared to guide clients through the ups and downs of properly outfitting a parachute drying tower.

ParaDry®Systems was designed by rigging specialists to operate safely and continuously for decades in the elevated heat and humidity of a parachute drying tower. Suitable for new builds and paraloft tower renovations, the system can be configured to meet a base’s specific needs, always emphasizing safety, efficiency, and reliability. Veteran rigger and senior installer on many ParaDry®Systems projects, Gregory Keatley says, “It is the best product on the market today. It’s really one of the best looking and operating shaft drive units I’ve ever installed and used without fault!”


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