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Wndsn Applied Science Lab – Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter

We live in a world that revolves around automation, but having the answer to everything at your fingertips comes at a price: vulnerability. Whether it’s due to a power outage or enemy action, the digital tools we currently use to conduct mathematical equations can be turned off in an instant. But for centuries we relied upon simple tools to help help us make these calculations. There have been calls to get back to these basics, for use as a backup, if nothing else.

Enter Wndsn Applied Science Lab and their Telemeters, simple observational tools for measuring angles via various inputs combined with a number of means to directly process the acquired values.

Their current flagship, the Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter is a naked-eye observation multitool for emergency navigation, for training and education, and a visualization tool. The current version is made of brass.

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