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Brigantes Presents: The Helix Operations Combat Multi Harness

The Helix Combat Multi Harness (HCMH) is a fully modular tactical harness system that has been developed over several years with significant end user input and trials. The system has been specifically designed for military operational use and can be used in a wide range of missions and tasks across all environments and operational theatres. Having a single system increases safety and reduces the training burden. The HCMH system has uniquely acquired UK helicopter clearances for specialist troop emplaning & deplaning techniques as well as fulfilling mission high access requirements. Unlike other off the shelf harnesses, the HCMH fully integrates with other ‘on the man’ systems such as life jackets and plate carriers, ensuring greater comfort and safety of the end user. 


The HCMH is issued as a single unit item complete with log cards. This allows logistics staff to easily administer the equipment. The system is initially vacuum packed which simplifies PPE inspection prior to first use. Once the system has been opened for use, all components are stored in one purpose designed breathable bag, which optimises storage. All items are interchangeable meaning when an item is damaged, it can be replaced, and the log card updated which is much more cost effective than replacing an entire system. 


The HCMH Pack includes the following components:

1 x Riggers Belt – A 45mm wide belt which fits into standard belt loops and can take molle attachments and heavier equipment such as pistol holders. It is fully adjustable and excess material is easily stowed away. The lightweight material has minimal volume to reduce water absorption and drying time. The outside surface of the belt uses fine velcro, allowing battle belts to be positioned on top of the belt and won’t move around. The belt includes a low-profile textile belay loop on the front of the belt which allows the user to connect quickly into an anchor or system using a tested belt.

2 x Gear Loops – These velcro into position onto the harness in the position required by the user. 

1 x Set of Leg Loops – These are very lightweight and compact due to the synthetic mesh which minimises their bulk and moisture retention. Weighing just 260g they can pack down into a pouch which is just 12 x 8cm. They are fully adjustable and use the same corrosion resistant buckles as the belt. They can be added to the sit harness in less than 15 seconds. 

1 x Chest Harness – Can be worn over or underneath plate carriers and is made from mesh fabric which minimises bulk, water absorption and drying time. The integrated attachment point for the chest ascender is compatible with body armour. 

2 x PerfectO Carabiners – This compact oval carabiner connects the chest harness to the sit harness. 

1 x Fifi Hook with retaining grommet and mouth tab – Provides a ladder attachment point to support the load of the operator and is useful for resting or situations where two free hands are required. 

1 x Chest Ascender  

1 x Storage Bag

1 x User Instructions

For more information contact international@brigantes.com

For UK sales contact warrior@brigantes.com

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