Tactical Tailor

Industry Professional – Rhonda Valles

Rhonda Valles is a recognized leader with over 20 years of experience in the active, action-sports, tactical and military apparel manufacturing industry. With a consultative, and solutions oriented approach Rhonda has been the “Oz behind the curtain” of many of the industry’s top Made in USA/ Berry Compliant tactical apparel brands from 2008-present as well as global commercial brands. She was launched into military apparel with her company’s astounding success and physics defying fastest (90 days to max capacity) ramp up of the new USMC Running Suit back in 2008 and since then has successfully produced over 1.5 million units of various styles ranging from base layers to outerwear. Her company was awarded over 72 million dollars in prime contracts, was given an ARP by DCMA, certified as 8a and 8m, ISO900:2008, exceeded delivery expectations and received many accolades from clients and colleagues from industry giants such as New Balance, Quiksilver and US Marine Corps. She has intuitive insight gained from a lifetime of experience in the active and sports apparel industry and has attributed her many successes by her ability to work cohesively with teams such as Sales, Project Management, Planning, Procurement, Contract Managers, Administrators, Quality Assurance, Buying Agents, Factory owners and supply chain vendors. 

She assists companies with new product development, production planning and management, reducing waste, increasing efficiencies, compliance adherence, innovative technology integration, production automation, strategic planning, team management and leadership training. Her unique skillset coupled with her fun, upbeat and “can do” personality makes her the type of business partner that will always get you a win! To learn more or contact Rhonda please visit her website at www.RhondaV.com.

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