Quantico Tactical

Cinch-LR Binocular Adapter from Really Right Stuff

The Cinch-LR BA is a semi-permanent clamp mount, that should fit in most supplied harnesses. The RRS 1.5″ dovetail standard, coupled with the Manfrotto RC2 standard, should allow the majority of tripod users to quickly attach and detach their optic from multiple ball head manufacturers. 

If using a standard other than one of the two mentioned above, there is a 3/8″-16 mounting socket on the bottom of the Cinch-LR to adapt to a system of your choice. 

The Cinch-LR BA can be mounted perpendicular or parallel to the optical plane. The removable strap can be fed through the buckle with the excess strap exposed on the outside, or reversed with the excess following the contour of the optical housing. 


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